cometh the hour, cometh the man

Cometh the hour, cometh the man; according to online sources, this phrase means, ‘when a time of need arises, a man to do this job will appear’, truth be told it is more to do with cricket and with 2 wickets standing and 12 runs required, the phrase was uttered by English bowler Cliff Gladwin. However, I know nothing of cricket, nor do I want to.

Let me take you back a few months to the ill-fated General Election, and the shock of losing  SNP’s Angus Robertson. I distinctly remember my jaw dropping at the sheer stupidity of those in Moray who voted for the then part-time referee Douglas Ross. That said, I now feel they have done us a great big favour in replacing one formidable leader with a much more formidable leader down in Westminster.

These past few weeks have seen SNP-MP Ian Blackford come out from the shadows of Angus Roberson whose shoes he more than fills. Standing head and shoulders above the opposition on all sides he has delivered for the people of Scotland. Calling out the Tories, Lib Dems and the Labour Party. Playing Westminster at its own game and getting under the skin of, not only English politicians but the mainstream media also; especially when the English MP’s  were kept in the chamber when they could have been watching  England’s World Cup match – oh what a shame. That was not the fault of the SNP however, that was the fault of those who brought the debate in the first place.

Post walkout, there has been a significant change from within the SNP ranks, no longer are they simply sitting quietly listening to the guffawing, the ridiculing, and sheer pompous arrogance of the Tories. They have grown in stature and are now showing their teeth, heckles up, snarling; an old dog bites sore’ to coin a phrase.


“Mr Speaker, why is it that the Tory Government thinks it can do whatever it wants to Scotland and get away with it? Many in Scotland are outraged that the Conservative Government had argued that times are not normal and that allows them to change the devolution settlement?”


Those were the opening remarks by Ian Blackford during the debate on the Claim of Right – why indeed? Could it be that they don’t see Scotland as an equal partner? Why would they when the Secretary of State for Scotland doesn’t see Scotland as being an equal partner; just merely part of the United Kingdom. The utter lack of respect for our elected representatives coming from Scottish Tory MP’s seated on the benches opposite were in full view of the television cameras, believing they were shielded from view as, not many people would be watching. Well we were and those who were not, will soon be enlightened as to what exactly went on; the laughing, jeering, sneering and shaking of heads, so much so that Blackford had to remind them the people in Scotland would be watching.


“…the reason that we have called this debate in our opposition time today is the real anger that the people in Scotland feel about what has taken place. That the Parliament that Scotland voted for in the referendum in 1997 is being attacked that our rights are being attacked by a Conservative Government backed by their so called Scottish Tory friends, that went through the lobby to take powers away from the Scottish Parliament, we’re having this debate tonight, let’s look around us, I can see my colleagues from the SNP, and to be fair, I can see colleagues from the Liberal Democrats, and the Labour MP’s from Scotland that are here as well; where is the rest of the house? Where are the Conservative MP’s that voted the measures through, they can’t even be bothered to turn up to defend what the Conservatives done to Scotland; that’s the reality.”


That is the reality, Blackford is correct in what he states; that is the contempt upon which Scotland is held, however, this debate showed just how far the Scottish National Party have come, as much as the Conservatives and others tried to dominate, by their constant standing and calling for Blackford to give way they were dismissed by a dismissive wave of the hand and told in no uncertain terms to ‘sit down’ Tories Stephen Kerr and The Secretary of State for Scotland David Mundell receiving the wrath of Blackford on more than one occasion. The Tories and their counterparts on the benches opposite had not come to the chamber to listen, they had no interest in the Claim of Right, their soul interest was to disturb, deride and agitate the debate. They did not want to listen to Blackford, they had an agenda of their own, that said, those of us watching were there to listen, to acknowledge that we as citizens of Scotland are sovereign as Blackford so eloquently put.


“The Claim of Right acknowledges the sovereign right of the Scottish People to determine the form of government best suited to their needs and the obligation on elected representatives and all their actions and deliberations. The interests of the people of Scotland shall be paramount. The claim of right is not simply a historical document but it is a fundamental principle that underpins the democracy and constitution of the framework of Scotland. The 1989 Claim function declaration of intent of the sovereignty of the Scottish People, it sets the constitutional Conversion which ten years later saw the people vote in a referendum for the reestablishment of a Scottish Parliament, a parliament that this UK Government now seeks to undermine and ignore.”


Blackford went onto remind the Conservatives, Lib Dems, and Labour, that the Scottish Parliament should have the right to hold another referendum if there is a significant change in circumstances…such as Scotland being taken out of the EU against our will and given events of 2016 there is no question with regards to the legitimacy of the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish people to consider the question of independence again now that everything had changed…Blackford finished his speech by urging that the wishes of the people of Scotland and vote to recognise the Claim of Right of the Scottish people, “our sovereignty, Scotland’s sovereignty, must and will be respected.”

That remains to be seen given we have seen such contempt shown for the Scottish people, our elected representatives and I include the Tories in this, they are not respected by their peers, they are simply tolerated and used. One thing has emerged throughout all of this, something has changed in Westminster, the SNP have grown tougher, not as tolerant; they have a great leader down there, a formidable man. As much as I was shocked and heartbroken to see Angus Robertson lose his seat; I am pleased to see such a man fill his shoes, Blackford really is living up to the phrase, cometh the hour, cometh the man.








The police were smiling and happy the whole way through, “Thank you for helping make it a perfect, peaceful, positive day.” Was just one of the sentiments posted online as the 23rd June 2018 ended.

The tide in Scotland has changed, the union is dead, although it was never a union, you cannot have a union where one partner dominates the other and will continue to dominate if permitted to do so.

Fifteen thousand people from all walks of life came together in one of the most historic places, Bannockburn and there was only one thing on their mind – independence. With flags flying high and sun beating down they began, a slow steady pace as they made their way to the battlefield. Their route through housing estates; what a sight to behold as residents greeted them, all but a couple enthusiastically as there was offers of sunscreen for scorched faces and water for all the ‘indydugs’.

That said, not all were as eager to see a march and rally in this historic place as Stephen Kerr took to twitter and referring to the ‘Tory Scum out’ banner he said: “So this is the face of nationalism today and what my constituents are putting up with, also apparently endorsed by the @SNP and their local elected representatives.”

This is nothing of the sort Mr Kerr, this is freedom of speech, and in no way endorsed by the SNP. Perhaps Mr Kerr would like to ask himself why people are so incensed by the Tories that they would carry such a banner? Perhaps it is because of the polices that they help to push through in Westminster, policies that are having a detrimental effect on the population and have allegedly driven some to suicide.

Another tweet, this time by @ScotsTories states they were also out in force in Stirling today: “At the real Bannockburn, listening to people on our street surgery and speaking to passers by on our street stall.”

And another, this time @StirlingTories: “While Nationalists are congesting half of Stirling with their #AUOB march, the @ScottishTories were out in the real Bannockburn speaking to locals about their concerns.”

Well I do hope they asked why the Tories are quite happy to hand the powers of the Scottish Parliament back to Westminster, I hope they asked why they did not stand up for the people of Scotland during those two debates and why they are putting their Party before the people. Interestingly, there were no pictures of said constituents, perhaps they were, like Eric Hamilton @Colliedunie, out when they called and binned the residents survey they left, where was he? “#AUOBBannockburn.”

Judging by the outrageous tweets by the Scottish Tories, who were in the ‘real’ Bannockburn, Where ever the hell that is. The mere sight of fifteen thousand people marching through the estate, and up Coxehill to the battlefield to be greeted by the King of Scotland himself, looking down on them from a great height and beginning to paint a saltire in the sky as they left was too much for the Tories. However, I think the whole day was summed up nicely by Paul Kavanagh, his wee ginger dug, exhausted from all the selfies lying at his feet. “During the independence referendum campaign in two thousand and fourteen, the question asked was. Should Scotland be an independent country? I think the question now is. When should Scotland be an independent country and the answer to that is, as soon as fucking possible.”


Life is a rollercoaster

Life is a rollercoaster, it certainly is, especially if you live in Scotland. The EU Withdrawal Bill was never going to be easy for the Tories, (no matter how hard they try), to shaft the people of Scotland and Wales. Yet that is exactly what they have done. Somewhere between fifteen and nineteen minutes were given over to debate, or rather to listen to what the Tories had planned for Scotland. A power grab, seizing powers returning from the European Union and going straight to Westminster; powers that will cripple Scotland if allowed to remain with these cretins. Seven years we are readably informed and then they will hand them back. If you believe that, then you’d believe anything. What the Tories and their enablers, (the Labour Party) are saying is, we intend to use these powers to sell Scotland to the highest bidder, once we are through you can have them back, no hard feelings and all will be well with the world. We shall have had our Brexit, shall be sitting pretty, financial markets will be fine because the economy is just grand. And they thought they had gotten away with it, were in the chamber smirking and braying like cattle, chests puffed up, proud as punch, congratulating themselves on a job well done. Only things were being put in place, the SNP-MP’s were going to use the Westminster system against them; and they did, during Prime Minister’s Questions two weeks ago, when they knew the world would be watching. This was no stunt, this was the SNP-MP’s doing their job of making sure Scotland’s voice was heard and it was, loud and clear as SNP-MP Ian Blackford rose to his feet and standing proud, asked his first question.

“The Prime Minister gave a commitment that she would treat Scotland as part of a ‘union of equals’, yet last night she pressed ahead with a power grab in direct opposition to Scotland’s elected Parliament. The Prime Minister silenced Scotland’s voice, having broken constitutional convention and plunged Scotland into a Constitutional Crisis, will the Prime Minister now commit to bringing forward emergency legislation so that the will of the Scottish Parliament can be heard and more importantly, respected?”

The Prime Minister got to her feet to deliver. Once again complete disregard for the Scottish Parliament, and indeed, the Scottish people, making empty promises she has no intention of keeping.

“Can I just say to the Right Honourable Gentleman that we do expect that the outcome and it will happen that the outcome of the whole process of Brexit there is going to be a significant increase in Holyrood’s decision making power, it is not, it is not the case that this is in any way a power grab, we, over eighty areas of responsibility of decision making are going to flow directly to Holyrood. Only the SNP could say that getting eighty areas where they get more areas where they’ve going to take decisions was a power grab. If he wants to be concerned about the process that this house followed in relation to the legislation; the real question should be, why It was the Labour Party who manoeuvred last night, used procedural manoeuvres to ensure there was no debate about the amendments referred to on Scotland.”

The Prime Minister took her seat one more, smiling, satisfied with the answer she gave and sure that would be an end to the matter; it wasn’t, in fact, it was about to kick off. For those who believe the main stream media’s interpretation of this being a stunt, well this is how it unfolded; judge for yourselves if this was a stunt by the SNP.

“Mr Speaker I really do hope that the people of Scotland listen very carefully to what the Prime Minister said because the reality of the situation is; the powers that are enshrined under The Scotland Act in 1998 are being grabbed back by this house, it is a power grab and the MP’s from Scotland were not given the courtesy of even debating it last night. It is a democratic outrage. The people of Scotland will not be disrespected by this parliament; Mr Speaker under the circumstances, given the disrespect that’s shown I have no option but to ask that this house now sits in private.”

What ensued after was a complete farce, Bercow, the Speaker of the House clearly had no idea how to handle the situation, not used to the rules of the house being used in this way, he dismissed it out of hand. In fact, Theresa May, disregarding the rules got to her feet. She sat as Bercow addressed Blackford.

“I’m not hearing that at this time and I’m not obliged to do so is my clear understanding.”

It was clear to those watching, that Bercow dismissed this out of hand, and would have continued with Prime Minister’s Questions had Blackford not stood his ground.

“Order…order…the Right Honourable Gentleman will resume his seat, I’ll happily take advice, but I don’t think I am obliged to hear that at this time.”

Still dismissive, however he then took advice from one of the clerks seated in front of him, now Bercow’s stance changes, it seems clear that his initial decision was wrong and that he did not know the rules of the House, he continued:

“What I have to say to the Right Honourable Gentleman is, I think the standing order requires the matter to be put, if it is to be put, forthwith…order, order. It might be for the convenience of the house for the matter to be addressed at the conclusion of Prime Minister’s Questions and if the Right Honourable Gentleman had not signalled me to do this now…we could have the vote now or it could be taken at the end, if the Honourable Hentleman wishes do indicate…”

At this point, Blackford can be seen consulting with colleagues and indicates his intention to hold the vote, he said:

“I beg to move…I beg to move.”

Bercow seems to ignore this and proceeds to give reasons for it to be carried out at the end, he said:

“My view is that it is better for the votes to be conduct…order…my view is better for the vote to be conducted at the conclusion of questions to the Prime Minister…I always admit of the maximum number of votes and divisions as the Right Honourable Gentleman should know from his experience in the house but that I hope he will trust me that I know of what I speak, there can be a division and it will be at the end of this session, not now; that is the end of the matter. The Prime Minister.”

At this point Bercow lost it, having given Blackford the choice to of now or at the end, and being told he wished to hold it now, Bercow dismisses and goes into a rant.  Blackford, stands his ground and is told repeatedly to resume his seat; that he is not moving anything and at this point Bercow is once again advised by the clerk in front of him.

“The house will have heard very clearly my acceptance that there can be a vote on this matter…order…Mr Linden, I say to you and in the kindest possible spirit, don’t tell me what the procedures of this house are. I’m telling you that there can be a vote at the end of this session and not now…Mr Blackford, under the power given to me by standing order number 43 in the light of persistent and repeated refusal of the Right Honourable Gentleman to resume his seat when so instructed. I order the Right Honourable Gentleman to withdraw immediately from this house for…order…for the remainder of the days sitting.”

At this point, Bercow consults with the clerk once again, who is clearly head saying he won’t abide to which Bercow states. ‘Well we better have the vote.” However, he looks up and notices Ian Blackford and SNP colleagues walking out, he then waves a hand dismissively.

Now, just over a week on this has been deemed by the mainstream media as being orchestrated by the SNP. Yes, that is how completely stupid they are; playing it down as some sort of stunt. It was no stunt, it was the SNP-MP’s using Westminster’s rules against them. The fallout from this has been strongly felt, first by the two demonstrations, outside the Scottish Parliament and in Buchanan Street Glasgow, right next to the statue of Donald Dewar and of course by the 10,000 new members of the Scottish National Party. Life for the SNP and indeed the ‘yes’ movement has been a rollercoaster, seems that rollercoaster is getting faster and faster as we approach the ultimate decision we as a nation shall have to take.

Should Scotland be an independence country?



Scotland is ready to take her place on the world stage…

There is no appetite in Scotland for another referendum, squeaks David Mundell; Scotland doesn’t want another referendum. Perhaps in a parallel universe this would be the case. However, if the events of the last weeks have taught anything, it is that there is very much an appetite for another referendum, even more of an appetite than there was back in 2014.

The first sign that something had changed came as the bells rang in the New Year, New Year, ‘New Start’ and all that. As the clock struck twelve on the 1st of January, there seemed to be a shift. There was an optimism, an expectancy of good things to come. Excitement and a silent cry of “this is it”. The first significant sign was back in March. The Hands off our Parliament protest at Holyrood brought some three thousand to the Capital to protest the Tory plan of seizing power. Three thousand, on a Friday; a work day.

Anger has bubbled and festers for months, the parliament, our parliament that we fought tooth and nail for, in peril, Tories, eyes full of pound signs, (the only language they know). They need their cash cow and will do anything to keep it. Hand of our Parliament was significant in that it brought together many, from all walks of life, all ages but with two things in common; anger and determination. Angry at being talked down to and determined not to let the parliament go without a fight.

And then came Glasgow, what is there to say? That was the game changer, people out in huge numbers, over ninety-thousand, all with one aim in mind; to tell Westminster that they are not in charge, they do not get to call the shots anymore. That now IS the time. That glorious day in May had everyone stop in their tracks, windows were thrown open, people waved and applauded. The media, in a frenzy as they scrambled to downplay the numbers and the Sunday Herald being seen for the unionist paper it has always been.

The Continuity Bill sickened many, the sheer arrogance of the Tory Party in imposing their will on the Scottish Parliament and indeed the people. They are taking powers whether we consent of not; another nail in the coffin of this union. And now the Growth Commission, a positive case for Scotland to be independent, of course there are those who disagree but that is what it is for. To discuss.

Perth and the tedious ‘Question Time’ a real eye opener for many, the two big guns sent up from London to dictate to the people, only that did not happen, the two returned south, having been schooled on just how angry the people of Scotland are the government we voted for being side lined and the sheer arrogance of Tory and Labour politicians in their dealings with Scotland. As was explained in no uncertain terms by a lady in the audience.

“I find it incredible that there is so little knowledge of what is going on in Scotland and the feelings that are about in Scotland; don’t judge Perth as an example because Perth is quite Tory. Scotland is quite angry in that we are being ignored in the Brexit negotiations. Our Government, our Government that we voted for is being side-lined and treated as if they are nonentities…for instance we voted two-thirds to remain in the EU and we’re being lumped together as this country Britain. We are NOT a country, we are countries and should be respected as separate individual countries with our own view…and this paper that’s come out is a consultative paper, we will be discussing whether to keep the pound and it’s a Scottish pound as well as an English pound…I get very annoyed with Tory politicians from Westminster.”

It is unclear what the Tory and Labour Party  hoped to gain by putting forward  big guns from Westminster; neither the Tory or Labour MP’s got their point across and were well and truly skelped as the saying goes in Scotland. No SNP-bad points landed, there was no telling Scotland to get back into its box; if anything, McGarvey and Souter as well as members of the audience sent them homeward, to think again. The days of Tory and Labour MP’s coming to dictate to the people of Scotland are over.

The days of the people of Scotland being looked down on are over. When we can march into a Tory heartland, such as Dumfries, much to the annoyance of local MSP Oliver Mundell. The game is up, we are big enough, strong enough and by god intelligent enough. And we are saying loud and clear; enough is enough!




Davidson uses pregnancy to get out of answering questions from a member of the public!

Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson, when asked about a second referendum from a member of the public, stomps away mumbling something about pregnant ladies and following them around the street!

A video of the Scottish Tory leader has gone viral and for all the wrong reasons. In it the Scottish branch manager of the Conservative Party is clearly rattled at being approached by member of the public, Dean Halliday.

Mr Halliday, having stumbled upon Davidson saw it a as great opportunity to ask her some questions. He did NOT hound Davidson as you can see in the footage linked below.

With camera phone in hand, Mr Halliday sets off, intent to politely ask the questions journalists don’t seem to be able, or, permitted to ask.

In the video Mr Halliday is clearly addressing those watching: “Come on, we’ll go and ask her [Davidson] a couple of questions, that’s her there, right in front of me, we’ll see what she’s got to say about there not being an appetite for independence.”

We follow Davidson,  who is walking slowly in front with Mr Halliday walking behind, Mr Halliday then calls to her: “Ruth…can you answer me something, can you tell me how there’s not an appetite for independence in Scotland? Ninety thousand people marched through the streets of Glasgow last week. Em, we held a vigil on your parliament estate for three hundred and forty days in the name of independence.”

Ruth can be seen in the video looking back and slowing her pace to fall into step with Mr Halliday.

Mr Halliday continues: “And you say there’s no…”

Davidson seems to use the mere fact that she is pregnant as some sort of reason why she should not be pursued by the public, she says: “…following pregnant ladies around the street videoing them.”

Mr Halliday’s response: I’m not following a pregnant lady around, I’m following an MSP, a member, a public servant, asking them a question, you can’t answer that question, no?”

Davidson, having entered the nearest building, whether planned or otherwise states that over two million people voted.

In no way was Mr Halliday confrontational, he was alone and asking the questions the people of Scotland are not having answered by our mainstream media. If Davidson cannot handle questions from members of the public, and more importantly, if she is going to hide behind her pregnancy to keep the public from accessing her, then that tells you everything you need to know. This woman has survived this long in politics through publicity stunt after publicity stunt, her public profile would be non-existent without them.


“Alex Salmond should give up his show on Russian ‘Propaganda’ station RT” says Litvinenko widow!

“Alex Salmond should give up his show on Russian ‘Propaganda’ station RT” says Litvinenko widow!

Why only Alex Salmond? Why not anyone else? What is behind this ‘hit piece’ on Alex Salmond, RT and Sputnik?

“The widow of ex- Russian spy…has called on Alex Salmond to give up his television talk show on Russian channel RT.”

Why is that? Why now? Why not air her concerns six months ago when Mr Salmond launched his show?

“Marina Litvinenko, whose husband Alexander was poisoned after meeting two former KGB figures in 2006, said, the former First Minister’s decision to front a show on RT ‘can’t be excused’, she described the channel as a ‘propaganda Style Station’ Writes Sunday Herald investigative editor Paul Hutcheon.

Litvinenko comes across as liking Salmond and seems to believe he wants to do “Good things” however it is her distrust of RT that is pushing this narrative that Salmond should look for an alternative for his TV show. In the Exclusive interview by the Sunday Herald, Litvinenko states, “if he [Salmond] wants to be supported by his own people, he needs to think twice.”

That is quite a statement from Litvinenko, who are Salmond’s own people? We, in the independence movement? SNP supporters? Who? Is this really about Salmond or is it about Scotland and the Russian connection? Litvinenko goes on to mention Sputnik, which would suggest this is more a ‘hit piece’ on Russian media and their links to Scotland, something we should be aware of, given the links to Russia that are being pushed by mainstream media in the USA in regard to Trump.

Litvinenko mentions living in a democratic country and freedom of speech yet has just called on Salmond to give up his talk show because it is aired on a station she does not agree with, she tells us that RT and Sputnik are not “freedom of speech” that it’s “Propaganda style media.” Is she really suggesting that Alex Salmond is under the control of RT, seriously?

Litvinenko states: “For the Scottish people and people living in the UK, freedom of speech is important and sometimes we think watching RT or Sputnik is like to check a different opinion, again you don’t understand how easily it became to manipulate.”

I am quite sure Litvinenko did not mean to sound patronising in her statement in insinuating that those who watch RT or indeed get their news from Sputnik are easily manipulated; many scots know when they are being manipulated, you just need to look at the viewing figures of our own mainstream media. Scots have turned away from these outlets in their droves. Litvinenko talks about Russian TV brainwashing people, then so to, does British media.

Asked by the Hutcheon if she was “Disappointed by Salmond’s decision,” she said, “it can’t be excused…you [Salmond] are doing this because you believe you might do good things, in a wrong place, it doesn’t work.” And, prompted further by the Sunday Herald editor, she had a message for Salmond, “…I believe he is a people’s man, and everybody can make mistakes, but you need to think twice. It would be better to give up; but it’s his decision.”

Why are they so desperate for Salmond to ditch RT? Could it be that he is bringing a different viewpoint to people? Could this be mainstream media’s way of closing him down by continuing with their demonization?

There were two narratives to this article, two ‘hit pieces’ if you like. The first, on Alex Salmond, the second on Russian media and their trying to link this to Scotland and Scottish independence, as Litvinenko alluded to in her mention of Sputnik placing their UK headquarters in Edinburgh just after the 2014 referendum on Scottish independence. This is something we in the independence movement must look out for as we start to campaign for a second referendum. The new unionist campaign could be based on Russian interference and how bogyman Putin wants Scotland to be an independent country.



We haven’t gone away but we brought reinforcements!

Yesterday British nationalists were faced with a reality they had been denying for months. The yes movement hasn’t gone away, in fact not only has it not gone away, it has brought reinforcements.

Tony Gilmour credit

Unfortunately for me something came up last minute which prevented me from attending. However, I did watch the march as it happened on Independence live. As I said on twitter, I have never saw a march this big; not even back in 2014 at the heart of the independence campaign. It put me in mind of the saying, ‘if you build it, they will come.’ We are building this movement and it is coming together once more. The British Nationalists were caught napping yesterday. In their arrogance of dictating to the people of Scotland what we do  and do not want, and what we can and cannot have, the British Nationalist politicians  overlooked one thing. The people of Scotland do not like being dictated to, especially by an insignificant nothing like David Mundell.

The unionist politicians believed their own false narrative, that is what happens when you supress debate, when you do not cover the other side, while they were telling us there was no appetite for another referendum, while they were dictating to us. We were quietly talking to our family, our friends, our neighbours, our work colleagues who can all see what a dogs breakfast Brexit will be. And, more worrying, how democracy is being abused. Theresa May, acting more like a dictator than a Prime Minister. The last straw for those whom I have spoken to is the parliament. They can see that it is in peril. Tories are coming for it and are blatant about removing powers, they are treating the rest of the United Kingdom, that they profess to love so much with utter distain yet are upset and tweeting like spoiled children as to how unfair it all is that their plans are being spoiled. In 2014 we were to climb back into our box, close the lid and never darken Westminster’s door again. They have no clue who they are dealing with, this is Thatcher’s generation, who have well documented to their children and grandchildren exactly what the Tories, if left to their own devices are capable of. A banner from yesterday caught my eye and while I do not think there is a place for it in our movement, I will defend to the death their right to express their feelings. “Tory Scum out” of all that happened yesterday, that is what has hit a nerve with the Tories. Should they be gone from Scotland? Are they the scum of the earth? I shall leave you to decide.

If yesterday taught the unionist press, politicians and media barons anything, it is that power lies with the people, it always has and it always will.

Picture credit Tony Gilmour



It was heartening to hear so many toots as drivers passed under the bridges that displayed our Scottish flag. It was even more heartening to hear commentary from those on the bridge of drivers, smiling and giving them the thumbs up. Although there were some that gave another gesture but hey, what’s new in that?

With each passing month the yes movement have become more and more visible, from the yes stall on Buchanan Street, to yes shops. Things are beginning to happen at long last. There is a real debate going on, on social media as to when a second referendum should be held. I favour September this year myself, or at the very least October. I have serious misgivings about holding it any later for as soon as we begin proceedings to leave the European Union, the sooner the Tories will begin proceedings to dismantle the Scottish Parliament. They will not do this overnight, this will be done subtly and with all sorts of nonsense by way of justification. And of course, we have those who are opposed to their own country having any real say in what happens will lap it up, cheer even.

I can understand those who are cautious about independence, those who do not want and even fear change. What I cannot understand is those who wilfully talk our country down, who would see it destroyed. Those I have no wish to converse with, I have no time for. I have often wondered what makes them remain in a country they loath? Why are they still here?

Go, go now, and don’t let he door hit your…well I am sure you are all familiar with the phrase. Those who hate this country have no business residing in it, good bye. For those in the movement, I shall see you on the 5th May, all under one banner; let that sink in, we are all here for the same reason, independence, let’s stop the in-fighting, it’s exhausting.




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