Factual Error

A lot has been said this week regarding the crisis in the Scottish NHS. From factual errors to alleged unionist trolls being rolled out to testify just how terrible the National Health Service is in Scotland. All this to give the public the impression that our NHS is worse than it is in England. On Monday of this week BBC Reporting Scotland ran a story in which Sarah Smith claimed over one hundred thousand patients waited over four hours to be seen and nearly 300 waited longer than 12 hours. This figure was untrue and indeed Smith has posted a statement on twitter retracting that number.

In a week that has seen wall to wall news coverage of the absolute meltdown of the National Health Service in England, it was inevitable that the Scottish NHS would come under the same scrutiny. However, unlike that of England, Scotland’s NHS seems to be coping well, although one may be forgiven in thinking it is on its knees and about to collapse. In her report BBC’s Sarah Smith gives the impression that over one hundred thousand patients waited over four hours to be seen. That was UNTRUE, that figure was for the whole of 2017, not the last two weeks of the year. Whether Smith gave this figure deliberately or not, (no formal correction was given on air). Smith in her tweet simply states it was corrected in subsequent bulletins; therefore, those who did not catch the subsequent bulletins would be of the impression that one hundred thousand people went to A&E in those last two weeks of the year; 300 of which waited over 12 hours. Figures that Smith reported as a disgrace.

Smith clearly got her figures wrong, so were the 300 who waited over 12 hours to be seen spread over the 12 months also?

The opening statement is flawed now we know that one hundred thousand people did NOT attend A&E in the last two weeks of the year and having made this ‘mistake’ we cut to Health Secretary Shona Robertson:

“Figures out today are for the week ending in Hogmanay, a very, very challenging week for our health service, flu really beginning to kick in that week, for example, 40% increase in calls to the Scottish ambulance service on Hogmanay alone and of course staff working extremely hard on the front line to keep patients safe.”

This would seem to give validation to Smith’s opening statement of one hundred thousand, especially as no official figures were ever given. In that, by cutting to the Health Secretary and not actually having any official records of the numbers seen. Reporting Scotland presented these figures as fact even although the Health Secretary did not reveal any figure at all. Merely referenced figures had been released.

Smith continued:

“In the week between Christmas and New Year, only 78% were seen within the target of four hours. That’s compared to the same week [last year]. The delays are not because of increased patient number, only 635 more people attended to A&E departments. One reason given for the increase in waiting times is a surge in flu infections. Cases of flu in Scotland are running at more than double the rate in England, more than twice as many there were last year and that’s now a significant concern. Patients with flu take longer to assess and require treatment in individual rooms as staff try to minimise the spread of infection.”

That is only common sense, at least they are in individual rooms and not out in the car park, like those in England. Least they managed to get into hospital. Further into her report, Smith states:

“The Health Minister, visiting a hospital in Perth insists it is performing overall with far fewer cancelled operations than south of the border.”

The use of the word insists, suggests that the Scottish NHS it is not performing well overall. Especially as we cut to Robertson’s visit to the hospital and are not given the luxury of hearing the Health Secretary’s own words and the tone used. We are given instead, Smith’s interpretation of what had occurred.

Is it any wonder the NHS in Scotland would be stretched to the absolute limit if one hundred thousand people had shown up? This factual error was not corrected until Friday 12th, five days later after it was shown to be factually incorrect on social media. As far as I am aware this has not been addressed on air, or indeed anywhere on the BBC website. Meaning, those who watched Reporting Scotland on Monday night are still under the impression that one hundred thousand people showed up at A&E in the last two weeks of 2017. Some say the BBC are fast becoming a joke, they are not. They are putting out false information that is being picked up by those who are not on social media and therefore are being fed this propaganda on a daily basis; had there not been such a kick up on social media (twitter) I seriously doubt there would have been any form of correction or apology.

Scotland needs its own media, free from the constraints of London; this rubbish coming from the BBC won’t do. I am sure I am not the only one who is sick to death of the SNP bad stories; sick and tired of the belittling of our country and sick and tired of being talked down. They are not superior anymore. What they are is the propaganda arm of the union and should be called out as such!




Scotland and her people held in contempt

The Secretary of State for Scotland Mundell assured Scots (yesterday) that he will do all in his power to make sure Scotland gets the best deal as we leave the European Union. In other words; we are leaving the European Union we don’t give two flying figs if Scotland voted to remain. England and Wales want to leave so we’re leaving.

In 2014’s referendum on independence, Scotland were assured that our voice would be heard, we were a family of nations and that we [Scotland] should lead. What a lot of bollocks. From the moment Cameron stepped from number 10 and made it all about England votes for English laws Scotland and her people have been held in contempt. For just over three years now, Scotland has endured the hostility and outright arrogance of a Westminster Parliament that wishes Scotland would get back into her box. Our referendum was once in a generation and that’s that.

“Now is not the time.” Says May.

Now is the time. The British state are making plans to exit the EU and they are going to use all our assets to do it. They really are that arrogant that they think they can do whatever the hell they please and the Scots will just suck it up and carry on as normal. Well nothing in Scotland is normal. Those who awoken during the referendum are still very much awake and are, not only holding the UK government to account but also the complaint mainstream media.

I was heartened today while speaking to my neighbour who is in his 90’s that even he is not buying the mainstream media’s portrayal of the NHS in Scotland being in some sort of crisis. To be honest, I think those who still switch on BBC and STV or read newspapers are fed up with all the Scotland bad stories. We all have eyes, we can see what is happening south of the border and regardless of peoples political views no one can deny the Scottish Government isn’t doing a good job trying to mitigate all those Tory cuts.

Hopefully those in the fishing and agricultural industries know now that the Tories they sent to Westminster to represent them are doing no such thing and that it has always been the SNP who have had their interested at the forefront of every decision they make.

Now we face having powers devolved to the Scottish Parliament scrutinised by the unelected House of Lords. One of which has mentioned taking the Transport police back under Westminster rule.  We have a decision to make and a decision that I fear will come sooner than we all think. The Secretary of State for Scotland is nothing more than Westminster’s representative in Scotland. Sent up to dictate to us. To tell us what we can and cannot have and what we do and do not want. He is no more than a puppet.

The more outrageous Brexit, the more the mainstream talk down Scotland, the more the people push back. The mainstream media are in trouble. They have been called out by Derek Batemen. Their viewing figures are plummeting. News is being consumed by other means. We still have work to do but I feel the people of Scotland are fed up, fed up of the too wee, too poor and too stupid mantra that has plagued us for years.

Roll on Summer. I think we may be very, very busy.



The Road North or the Road South

What goes through the mind of someone who would actively harm their own country? Is their hatred for the Scottish National Party such that they would rather sacrifice their future? Do they even know what mitigation has been put in place to hold back the tsunami that is hitting England? I dread to think how far down the road of destruction we would be had the people of Scotland not voted for a party who does and always will put Scotland first. Has everyone forgotten the devastation Thatcher imposed on Scotland?

We stand at a crossroads. The Road South takes us to destruction; the Road North to a bigger and brighter future. The time is now, we cannot just simply wait and see.

The NHS in England is in crisis, in fact it is more than a crisis, it is the result of a systematic dismantling, year upon year. Medical staff stretched to the absolute limit; from consultants, junior doctors, nurses, paramedics, porters. And a UK government that offers no more than platitudes, when all the time they are plotting their next move. And in addition to this we have a police force stretched to the absolute limit in England, cut and cut, in fact, cut to the bare bone that now the public are not safe because there are fewer officers on the beat.

The Conservative government have a lot to answer for, yet they fail to answer a single question because they already know this meltdown is down to them as has always been the case when they are in power. The lives of ordinary citizens are never catered for, always the rich and powerful. People sleeping on the streets; now deemed a blot on society as London prepares for a Royal wedding the UK can hardly afford. Live within our means, a phrase the Tories like to churn out daily. Well how can you live within your means when you do not have any means to live by? Mental health has gone through the roof as the cost of living in the United Kingdom spirals out of control. Wages stagnated. Pensions about to take a hit and women of pension age not getting theirs when they should.

All the while the media, who have been complacent in helping the government push through legislation, putting forward arguments for austerity and all the while blaming the most vulnerable when in fact they should have been knocking on the doors of the rich, of bankers and asking those awkward questions as to why they have off shore accounts and holding bankers to account when playing Russian roulette with the economy.

All those years the Tories have blamed the most vulnerable, humiliating them, treating those whose only crime of not being able to find a job, sanctioned, treated like they are the enemy of the state; like those in North Korea, Russia, Iran. When a government starts sanctioning its own people, alarm bells should ring in the ears of every citizen, for where will this lead. This government have gotten away with treating citizens as if they were the enemy and all the while the media said nothing, did nothing. In fact, both broadcast and news media were complacent in this humiliation and should take a good long look at themselves. Suicides through the roof, human rights abuses. This is not the work of a democratic government, this is the work of a dictatorship who are now actively splitting families apart as their ‘foreign’ partners are denied right to remain. Letters being sent out in ‘error’ twice now. This is not the government doing this in error, this is a government testing the water; this is a government gaging public reaction.

Here in Scotland we have a choice, do you want to live under direct Westminster rule, or would you like to help shape an independent Scotland. The choice I’m sure will be soon. We cannot go on like this. Austerity is a Tory ideology we cannot afford. Once they are through with the most vulnerable who shall be next? Working class? Middle Class? The Tories will not stop until they put all our wealth into the hands of the rich. They have their eyes on Scotland. We are not to poor and we are most certainly not too stupid. What we are is misinformed about the potential of our own future. The mainstream media do not have Scotland’s best interest at heart. They represent Westminster. BBC and STV’s headquarters are in London. Remember the Commonwealth Games. The BBC sent up their entire reporting team and ours were swept aside. Remember that.

I believe at some point, when The First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon as exhausted every avenue to keep Scotland within the EU she will call a second referendum on Scottish independence. The question we all must ask is this:

“Would I be better off under direct Tory rule where my Human Rights will be replaced with a bill of rights and given what has already been dished out to the most vulnerable by way of sanctions. Are my workers’ rights safe in their hands? Is my pension safe in their hands? Will I get medical care free at the point of use? Will my foreign-born partner be given leave to remain?”

Do the stories coming from mainstream media in particular Reporting Scotland reflect what is really going on in Scotland. Do you know anyone working in the NHS who can corroborate their stories? How do you know that what they are reporting is true? Are you just blindly trusting them; These were the same people that reported there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Yet years later it was proven they had misled, or had been misled.

I am not trying to dictate to you. I am just trying to get you to see past the headlines, past the reports. I want you to see the bigger picture. Who owns the media? What is their agenda here?

We are going to have a decision to make and one that holds the future of our children and our children’s children in the palm of our hands. What do you want for them. Direct Tory rule or a free independent Scotland. It will be a hard decision, but one I hope you will come at with an open mind, not one closed off by the lies and propaganda of a compliant media who takes its orders from the media barons who own it and therefore have a vested unionist interest.





Single crewed ambulances

These past couple of days have saw an increase in negative stories regarding Scotland’s NHS from the mainstream media. There is nothing whatsoever sinister in this ladies and gentlemen. Nothing at all to do with the fact that the NHS is in absolute meltdown in England. Oh no we cannot have that, people in Scotland must believe there is a crisis in their NHS.

There it is ladies and gentlemen. The mainstream media have their beady eye on it and are now churning out NHS bad stories all over the goddamn place. I however want to draw your attention to this story.

Single crewed ambulances!

A Freedom of Information Request posted online by the outstandingly great GA Ponsonby shows that there are indeed single crewed ambulances as the information states:

“Scottish ambulance service does not routinely roster staff to be on their own in a double crewed vehicle. Every effort is made to double crew all shifts, however there will be occasions when some shifts will be single crewed due to short notice, unplanned staff absence where additional staff cannot be arranged. This is exceptional and represents a small proportion of the number of shifts doubled crewed each year.”

The request goes on:

“A single crew will be sent to an accident if they are the closed resource to provide a patient with immediate care, but they will always be backed up by a double crew.”

This FOI was dated 31st August 2017, which begs the question, why was this not released until now. Did the media plan to release this to have the maximum impact? English NHS in crisis, we must have something to show the Scottish NHS isn’t coping?

Why exactly was this released. What were the media trying to manipulate here? Were they trying to give a view of the ambulance service in some sort of crisis, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Was it the ambulance service that was being attacked or the Scottish Government?

Single crew ambulances are only sent in exceptional circumstances, which gives the impression that for much of the time everything is fine. What is really being manipulated here? The fact that single crewed ambulances should not be sent, is that what they are saying?

“Sorry Mrs Smith, I know your husband’s symptoms sound like he is having a heart attack, but we only have a single crew available.”

“Oh, best not send it then. I’ll just wait for a double crew.”

People stressed out of their box and on the phone to the 999 operators won’t give two flying-figs if there is one or two crew coming; as long as someone is coming to help. Believe me I have been in that situation. You see the paramedic, or someone dressed in green and you relax because they are there to take over and can do more for your loved one with his or her medical training than you can.

This one crew operation is an attempt by the mainstream media to manipulate the public into thinking this is bad. It is not, as previously stated, the public won’t care two hoots, as long as their loved one is going to hospital. If we have to wait for a two-crew ambulance it may be too late, therefore what’s it to be, a trip to hospital, blue lights flashing, or precious moments waisted waiting for a two crew to become available. Dig deeper and you see the bigger picture, you see what could really happen.

The public must ask themselves, what they would do in this circumstance?

Would you bother that only one medic arrived at your door to administer immediate help?

The mainstream media should be ashamed of themselves making this into some sort of crisis. It is as it states, done in exceptional circumstances.


NHS in meltdown in England, Tories are privatising it. Don’t let that happen here!

While Doctors and nurses take to twitter to air their concerns about the absolute meltdown of England’s National Health Service. We in Scotland have the Scottish Government to thank for keeping the wolf from the door in ours. It may have a few problems, but it is nowhere near the crisis that England is facing. However, to listen to the mainstream media you’d think it was on its knees.

The Tories have been itching to privatise the NHS for years, almost since its conception. In his speech to Party members at the conference of 2006. David Cameron, assured everyone that the NHS was “Safe in his hands.” Many believed that Cameron wanted to save the NHS, that doesn’t look to be the case. Looks like what he may have been telling the Tories is their dream of a privatised NHS was safe in his hands. It certainly looks that way now, with great big chunks of it being sold off to the highest bidder and being sued if a certain bidder was not awarded the contract.

Scotland’s NHS is not quite at that stage yet: let’s keep it that way because a privatised NHS does not bare thinking about. Let me tell you what a privatised medical service will look like. In order to use it one will have to have medical insurance. How much will that cost? How much of our hard-earned cash will go to prop up some insurance company? How much profit will these insurance companies make. Will we still have to fork out national insurance? Will our national insurance provide the basic package? Will there be a basic package? Will it be a case of the wealthy getting the best of care and the rest of us care according to our means?

Make no mistake, the NHS will be gone and in its place we shall have the system the used in the USA. Let me tell you about medical care in the USA. A few years back, I came across a blog run by the mother of a very ill little girl. Her name was Kate and she had been fighting brain cancer since she was five years old. In 2014, she began having seizures, her mother naturally sought medical help which her mother documented in a blog. In June her mother made a post that had me gasp out loud. Little Kate who was eleven by then, was due to go to the hospital for her CT scan to investigate, basically to see if her cancer had returned and what could possibly be causing her seizures. A day before she was due at the hospital the hospital emails, (emails) her mother to tell her the scan had been cancelled. The reason, the hospital had forgot to inform the insurance company, therefore little Kate could not have her scan. Which speaks volumes as it meant that Kate’s life was in the hands of the hospital and more importantly an insurance company. Her life was not in the hand of her mother.

Is this the kind of medical care we want in Scotland? Please do not let this happen believe me, the Tories and their corporate chums would like nothing more than to get their grubby paws on our NHS. It is OURS, not theirs, whenever you see the mainstream media attacking our NHS ask why that is? Look behind the headline, look for a motive. Don’t be taken for a fool. The mainstream media are run by big corporations, media barons with their own agenda, remember that!

Authors note: Evidence of Kate’s medical experience can be found on her mother’s blog; out of respect to the child I have withheld it. I shall produce it upon request.

What mentality must you have to think this is perfectly acceptable behaviour?

What mentality must you have to think it is perfectly okay to break into and vandalise a foodbank? What goes through the mind of these individuals as they ransack and destroy food for those in need? Are they so blinded by hate that this is acceptable? Is this really the way normal people behave?

Twice now foodbanks in Scotland have been broken into and ransacked. The first in Coatbridge just before Christmas and the second in Glasgow just before New Year. So, the question is, who are these individuals? And what is their motive?

Is this to be the new norm. Vandals, off their faces with drink and drugs breaking into foodbanks. Were they looking for money? Or are they just so far gone that they don’t give a damn who they hurt. Or is this the new form of entertainment for morons?

Foodbanks have no place in society, yet they are here and on the rise. Food for the needy, what a horrible concept. No one should be in need in a rich nation. Everyone should have their basic needs met. Food on their table. Yet since the Tories came to power there has been a sustained attack on the basic needs of people. Food being a major concern, if there were no foodbanks people would literally starve to death. Is this what Cameron meant by his big society? Did he mean the state to take a step back and let communities take over? As is happening now, the generosity of those who can ill afford it taking care of the ‘needy’ what a horrible statement. ‘The needy’ no one should have to beg for food. No one should have to worry where their next meal is coming from and more importantly no one should have to put up with mindless thugs who think it is perfectly okay to trash a place, just for fun. Let’s hope the police catch these cretins and they are given the harshest of punishments.


It is not a joke, they are seriously going to let the public fund a new Royal yacht!

News broke of 50 Tory MP’s who want a lottery funded Royal Yacht; yes, you heard correctly. These cretins would rather see her Majesty step aboard a shiny new boat than children step across the threshold of a brand-new home. This is the state of the United Kingdom in the 21st Century. Ever since the financial collapse of 2008 the Tories have had the public under the jackboot of austerity. While the rich get richer, send all their riches off to tax havens and sit back and wallow. The only consolation for the public, sickened by such greed, is the fact that these disgusting individuals cannot take their wealth with them when they go and shall have to answer to a higher power than those they answer to now. Which is most certainly not the public.

As the young take that tentative step onto the streets and feel for the first time the bitter cold of the winter, safe in the knowledge that their government in Westminster does not care if they live or die. As they lay down for the night. Their whole lives stretched out in front of them. The home they had, empty; ready for the next person, who is not under the Tory cosh, yet. As the new tenants look around the home and scoff at the mere surroundings of a young ambitious teen, whose only crime was to be poor and on benefits. And whom the Tories see as societies burden, aided and abetted by their chums in the media. Laughter rings out from within the home, the one they cared for, put everything into. A new person, with ambition, plans what wallpaper, paint, carpets. The young have no chance, in some parts of this union. As the Tories rip whatever future they had planned and take the future of their fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers.

Thank god for the SNP here in Scotland. Thank god for the mitigation they are doing but there is only so much they can do with one hand tied behind their backs. There is always a unionist waiting in the wings to rip everything apart, like that poor fox on a Boxing Day hunt.

A Royal yacht, a clock, an ancient building, a palace, a weapon of mass destruction that must be renewed. Material things, all. That is what the Tories are about, what they have always been about.

Night falls on the last remnants of 2017, the bitter cold seeping into the bones of young and old alone, asleep on the street, a foot is exposed, frozen in time. Eyes closed a head exposed, lying by the bin, thrown out like the rubbish. A person in Tory Britain, young, and very, very dead!


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