A Race We Must Win

Since the referendum of 2014, Scotland, her people and those who can fire the starting pistol for a second shot have been subjected to a tirade of abuse. That ladies and gentlemen is how rattled the establishment has become. Post referendum we were supposed to rush back to our boxes, close the lid and never darken the door of the establishment again – well it had worked in the past.

In times gone by whenever the establishment, those in power the Tories, stamped their foot, or looked at us a certain way the Scots spun round and headed for the hills. Content with their lot, intent in never rocking the boat and remaining content with the status quo. The very status quo that has robbed Scotland and her people blind for years.

Scotland is a very wealthy country and should be up there with Norway, rich in resources that have been squandered by Westminster for years. The very Westminster that bleat on about a deficit in the vain hope that there are those still in Scotland who believe them and a media implicit in pushing that narrative.

The question those in Scotland have to ask now, “Do you want things to remain the same? Or will you take a chance and let Scotland flourish, let her breath in the good clean air and run free, free from the shackles that have held her back for years? Shackles that have let successive UK Governments tear ever asset Scotland has to offer from the grasp of her people and put it into the hands of unscrupulous people who only have one aim in mind.

To make the rich richer, and the poor non-existent.

This is not a union of equals, this is a marriage of convenience, convenient for the elite, an abusive relationship that Scotland must free herself from if she is to survive with her very name intact.

A second referendum is coming, there is unspoken knowledge, a sense of better things to come. You can feel it in the air, you can see it in people’s eyes as they go about their business. Unionists will have you believe there is no appetite for a second independence referendum. I expect it is themselves they are trying to convince, for if there was no appetite then why are they so scared.

We at the edge of the race, the starting blocks are in place, the track has been prepared and the contestants ready. The crowd is in place, we are waiting patiently for the firing pistol, as soon as it is fired we are off, and this time it will be a sprint to the finishing line for now there is even more at stake than last time; as stated before. This time it is Scotland’s right to exist we are racing for and it is a race we must win.

Saor Alba Gu Brath