Labour, played like a fiddle!

Well that went well. The Mayor of London rode into town to tell everyone in Scotland how racist we are for wanting to determine our own future. Who the hell informed him? Who was the idiot who thought this would go down well? What type of complete fool thought this was a great thing to say – oh wait, looking around the Labour Party Conference at all the faces of MSP’s there are a few who would think it was a marvellous idea. Khan: “We don’t need division and separation.” Roughly translated. Look, you are not leaving, we have spoken, we have told you. You are not getting another referendum, because, well just for reasons.

None of those reasons are ever actually explained. Dugdale has never actually explained the reason why they are so against the people having a say in how they are governed. We’ve just to trust them, that is how it has always been. How dare the people of Scotland be given another chance to decide their own destiny. That is the job of Labour politicians. That is how it has always been. In the words of a well-known actress. “Vote labour and get to the back of the bus”

The days of the majority of the people of Scotland actually listening to Politian’s is over, there is a real buzz in the air, a real chomping at the bit to get started. Meetings being held, engines revving, the foot on the peddle, all systems at the ready. It is hard to describe the energy that is in Scotland, a quiet readiness, knowledge that this time it is different, this time history is on our side.

On September 19th, two years ago, I said I was going to buy a great big bag of popcorn, I was going to sit back and I was going to watch the show. And what a show it has been. I have watched Labour destroy themselves from within. Their absolute hatred of Corbyn and their efforts to destroy him, which are still ongoing and here in Scotland, the branch office, with their depths of hatred aimed at the SNP to the absolute detriment of their party. This once proud party who merely had to weight their Scottish votes relegated to third. It is sad, but importunely it is of their own making. That is what comes of becoming more ‘tory’ than the Tories. They should have known it would not end well. And now they are to campaign against the people of Scotland having a say in how they are governed, whether that be from Westminster or Hollyrood is sadly just another nail in the Scottish Labour coffin.

It is a sad day when a party who actively rebuilt Britain after World War 11, has been put to the Tory sward, both in England and here in Scotland. I suppose that is what happens when you allow Tories to infiltrate your party and play you like a fiddle.