The Museum that was once the Scottish Parliament

Mrs May was in Glasgow yesterday, she came all the way from London to tell the smidgeon of “Tory” voters present that she was going to have a wee rethink about all those lovely powers devolved to the Scottish Parliament which means Mrs May is going to claw them all back to Westminster, because dear reader. Westminster needs Scotland, they need our oil, they need our gas, they need our electricity and they need our water. The rhetoric coming from Westminster is astonishing, we are told, we do not want another referendum, there is no appetite for another referendum, with absolutely no proof given to back up that statement.

Which roughly translates. “Look Scotland, will you just shut up about another referendum, you’ve already had all you’re getting, now please just be quiet, you are giving us all a headache down here. We have enough going on without you banging on about another referendum. Okay, now let’s just be quiet. We have more important things to be getting on with. Like who we are going to trade with. Okay, now just, just be quiet about referendums and stuff like that.”

I can imagine that is exactly what wee “Fluffy” Mundell wanted to say, when interviewed by that stalwart himself Andrew Neil, Neil, pushing Mundell, had him almost in meltdown mode when quizzed about the prospect of another referendum on Scottish independence.

To quote the BBC website:

“I’ve always said that there could be another independence referendum. The debate and the argument is, should there be another independence referendum. The people of Scotland made it quite clear this time that they do not want another divisive referendum.”

The people of Scotland did no such thing. The people of Scotland  went to the polls last year to elect a government that had openly stated in its manifesto that, the Scottish Parliament should have the right to hold another referendum if there is “Clear and sustained evidence” that independence had become the preferred option of a majority the Scottish People or if there is a “significant and material” change in circumstances, such as being taken out of the EU against its will.

Mundell can bleat on about there not being grounds for another referendum if he so wishes, the fact of the matter is the SNP government were elected on their manifesto pledge. And with the Greens also pro-independence they have a majority in the Scottish Parliament to see it through. He can whine and moan, throw tantrums. He can dictate to us, can tell us what to think, and when to think. Yes, we do need Westminster’s permission to hold another referendum, however to actively prevent it will result in a constitutional crisis, which is the last thing the Westminster government need at this moment in time.

The real face of Tory Britain cannot be hidden. At the end of the day, the people of Scotland must make a decision, remain in a “Union” where their voice is not heard. Where those they sent to Westminster to represent them are held in such contempt they are cut off in mere seconds of starting their speech. Where Questions to the Secretary of State for Scotland are taken up by Tory and Labour, MP’s with SNP ministers having to sit on the side-lines. The people of Scotland must decide, if the lives of the most valuable are worth more than those discarded by the Tories as if they are nothing. Where young people are deemed unworthy of housing benefit, foreigners are used as bargaining chips, that is of course when they are not being told to go home. Most damming is, where the only release from this hell for some, is suicide.

Tory Britain has morphed into something I never thought possible. The thought of endless Tory rule is frightening, for there is no telling what will happen. They are the most right-wing party I have ever seen. The most power hunger, the most evil; mark my words, if we do not get out from under the rule of this government we may as well hand every single thing we have ever held dear  over to them. They have big plans for Scotland, of course they do. However, those plans will not be for the benefit of those who live here. Those plans will benefit the elite, taking from the poor and putting in the hands of the rich has always been the Tory way. Most telling yesterday was those walking into the Tory conference in Glasgow, smirking at those protesting. That ladies and Gentlemen, is power in action. I dread to think what they can unleash if we allow them to go unchallenged. The powers we have to mitigate these cuts will be eroded and eroded until the Scottish Parliament becomes nothing more than a museum.