Let me know when you all stop fighting and I’ll go and vote!

Good grief, what is happening? The once mighty movement, tolerant of others seems to have disintegrated into utter chaos. As an ardent yes voter and at one time active campaigner it concerns me to see such utter nonsense come to light; those souls who rose to prominence during the campaign now seem to be vying for attention, like some teen-queen-bee in their own mean girls’ movie. Only this is not a movie and these are not teenagers, no these are the very people I looked up to, I went to, to seek out their opinion on what is going on with the yes camp, and indeed the yes moment. However, I believe that great ‘big’ egos are getting in the way of what should be the most important part of this movement, and that is independence.

The backbiting and backstabbing from those, who, ‘quite frankly’, should know better had me actively taking a break from it all. If it was too much for me, an active yes supporter then god alone knows what those who may be persuaded to move to yes are thinking. That said, there will be times when we disagree, believe me, there are times where I have shaken my head and muttered the words “What the fuck.” However, I have tried to keep a lid on it, tried to keep the head, it is hard, especially when you see someone being an absolute idiot on social media, and others all weighing in.

Fight for independence, who are you trying to kid? We cannot fight for independence when we are too busy fighting among ourselves. Put the egos away, believe me, you are not all that. We need independence more than ever, Scotland stands between greatness and ruin, if all you want to do is argue among yourselves, go and find another movement, in other words, get out the way, you and your ego are doing more harm than good. If this continues, you can all let me know when the vote is, I still intend to vote yes, I just have better things to do than listen to all the infighting and watch all the backstabbing.