Don’t be alarmed if you see…

The independent online had a rather alarming headline of military exercises being carried out and of course worried Scots took to social media to air their concerns. Well who wouldn’t if they saw rockets being fired into the darkened sky of Benbecula or South Uist, especially as NATO are test firing at the ranges at the moment.


I suppose you cannot blame the people of Scotland, especially those, like myself who live within the fallout zone of where trident is based and with those warmongers and arms dealers in the United States and indeed the United Kingdom vying for war with North Korea and  North Korea ignoring them and continuing to fire missiles over the heads of the peoples of Japan, we can be forgiven in feeling just a twinge of nerves as our Prime Minister Theresa May has already stated that she would press the button.

Easy for those who are not in the firing line of any fallout zone to say.

Those who would press the button will be tucked away deep underground in their bunker. They won’t have to worry about the fallout. Especially if they have provisions to remain there for months and years on end. What happens to the rest of us? Those who are not wiped out in the great big flash? And those who are dying a very slow painful death?

It is amazing how little those who profess to have our best interests at heart care very little when it comes to war.

War has consequences but not for the warmongers and arms dealers. I say if they want to sell arms, fine, but go and stand under the bombs you provided. See how far you get, especially if you happen to survive the blast.

The planet is teetering on the edge of madness, brought on by mad men and women, and for what? What possible reason could they have for what they do? Money and power, corruption, and god alone knows what else. And still people watch the news and believe every word. There are people itching for a third world war and they won’t stop until they get it. But it won’t be they who go and fight, no, it’ll be others. North Korea, this, North Korea that. Don’t get me wrong, there are many things wrong in North Korea. A dictator allegedly doing horrible heinous things to his people. However, what country has he attacked? When was the last time North Korea attacked a country? The mighty USA have hightailed it over there, showing their brute force. Could it be North Korea are looking to Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, could it be they do not wish to be invaded, overthrown, have their assets stolen and democracy brought?

Those in the West who would press the button are no better to those in the East. At the end of the day, millions of people will die and for what?

Ask yourself this, who benefits? Who benefits if we go to war? It won’t be the people, that’s for sure.

Oh, and by the way Scotland to get back to the point I was making. According to Debra Starr, posting on social media said this:

“Practice…goes on…live firing range around the Cape Wrath Lighthouse in the South between Raasay and Mainland…nothing unusual in that.”

Well we can all rest in our beds, those of us who live with a weapon of mass destruction on our doorstep. This has either been ramped up because the powers that be know something, or it has been put out there as news to scare the public into supporting a war with North Korea and if the mainstream news channels are anything to go by. I feel it just may be the latter.