This time Scotland will be ready!

Last night Labour once again voted with the Tories, nothing new in that but this time, their actions have put Scotland in absolute peril. The EU Withdrawal Bill, or as I like to call it. The Great Big Power grab has put devolution in jeopardy. It is nothing more than a Great Big Power Grab by the Tories in Westminster who have, for decades saw devolution as a threat to their overall need for absolute control over everything and everyone.

I for one do not want to return to life under direct Tory rule. I cannot imagine what that would be like. Life under Thatcher was bad enough, I cannot even contemplate what life would be like under the great big jack-boot of May and her mob who seem to forget what the Westminster parliament is for. They seem to think it is nothing more than their little playground. A bubble from which they only escape when it is time to tell the electorate, well their merry band of followers all the great things they are going to do for them, and, satisfied they have their backing, off they go, back to the bubble, only to be seen briefly to sob over a large clock.

It says it all when the once stalwart himself Dennis Skinner backs the government, perhaps he is a man of principle after all, perhaps he voted in the way he did because his constituents voted leave the European Union. That being the case I shall give Mr Skinner the benefit of the doubt.

This however, does not help Scotland, and I doubt people really know the danger the country is in. Life has been good since we gained devolution, cuts mitigated by the SNP, I do wonder however, had Labour been in power how many of those cuts would have been mitigated? If their track-record in Westminster is anything to go by. Not many. Remember Rachel Reeves wanted to be even tougher on Welfare. If we did not have devolution, or the SNP in power, there would be a lot of people in dire straits right now. Having to pay an unfair bedroom tax.

Unionists, shout, loudly, that’s all they seem to do. Shout about not having another referendum. Ruth Davidson based the general election campaign on us not having another referendum and quite frankly got her ass kicked. I know the press and unionists fell over themselves telling us all that independence is dead. It seems the louder they shout, the more people have yet to be convinced. You cannot simply impose your will on others, you cannot simply shout from the rafters, dictate to the electorate what they can and cannot have – that was the first alarm bell that rang for me. The like of Davidson and Mundell running around telling anyone who would listen that there was no appetite in Scotland for another referendum. They may be correct in thinking that. To them that may be the case for unionists but if the Scottish parliamentary election, the local elections and the general election are anything to go by. The Scottish electorate are still very much with the SNP and no amount of cajoling the electorate into what they should be thinking, what they should be doing. What they can and cannot have proved that the electorate are quietly getting on with their lives. The only ones shouting loudly about another referendum are the unionists’ politicians and there seems to be an urgency to this. Like they secretly know what they are saying is not strictly true. And no amount of shouting and screaming is going to have the desired impact they hope for.

It is only a matter of time before the electorate start to ask questions. Why all the negatively? Why all the SNP-bad stories? Why the bigging up of  the result of the general election that the unionists did not win? Scotland is getting on with the day job, quiet and contemplating. When the time comes and the implications of Brexit are known. Scotland will come out – in force, a tidal wave that no unionist politician and media will be able to withstand. The people of Scotland are not stupid, they know what side their bread is buttered and it is not the side of Westminster. So let the unionists play their game and we shall continue with our day jobs but rest assured, when the time comes. This time, Scotland will be ready!