A few weeks ago, on my way to the local library I happened on an elderly acquaintance walking through our beautiful newly equipped swing park. I should admit, it did take a few seconds to realise to whom I was speaking. We exchanged pleasantries and as is often the case with me, the conversation turned to one of politics, the referendum and the SNP.

“I voted yes,” she said, “never again…just look at the state of education.”

Jesus, I thought, if the likes of Reporting Scotland or First Minister’s Questions, had arms, legs and a head, this is what it would look and sound like. Totally brainwashed into thinking education in this country is failing. It’s not, what has happened and what is not being investigated is the reason children are failing literacy and numeracy.

“They get too many subjects…” The acquaintance stated, “They should get the three R’s, reading, writing and arithmetic.” She rhymed off, probably thinking back to her own childhood, where the three R’s were concentrated on.

I haven’t been a practitioner in the education system for quite some time but even I believed that children in primary school are taught how to read, write and count. This stance coming from the unionist politicians is, “quite frankly” outrageous. No two children learn at the same pace. Some take a while to grasp what is being taught to them and that is where the support staff came into play. They were employed, (as is my belief), I may be wrong, but I am 95% sure that support staff helped those children who were struggling, not because they were not being taught, because, as was previously stated not ALL children learn at the same pace as their peers. There are many complex reasons why children may have fallen behind.

I switch off First Minister’s Questions when unionist politicians stand up, one after another, and have a go at government by aiming their pot shots at primary school aged children who, through no fault of their own are falling behind because of lack of staff employed to help them. The unionist politicians can shout and scream all they like but they must hold their hands up. Their parties have had a hand in this. Cuts to local government have come about because of the cuts which have come from Westminster. You cannot keep everything as it is, not when the money simply is not there. We are living in austerity Britain and it is austerity on steroids. How dare the unionist politicians blame the SNP for passing on those cuts, cuts that were voted for in a far off archaic parliament, cuts that the SNP MP’s voted against and are still voting against, only now they are diminished in number because of the blatant lies of unionist parties whose MP’s in Westminster are not protecting Scotland. If anything, they are now down their giving their leader the opportunity to take pot shots at the SNP MP’s who are doing all in their power to protect the people they serve and Scotland. The unionist politicians have more front than Blackpool Pier. They stand, one after another and give out SNP-bad stories, big up their parties and divert the attention of the electorate to the fact that we would not be in this mess had both Labour and Conservative not let the banks play Russian Roulette with the economy. Bailed out by the public who are now finding they have given far too much to unscrupulous people, who through their endless austerity are failing our children.