BBC + Sillars = SNP-bad!

As someone who had a lot of time for Jim Sillars and thought he talked a lot of sense during the referendum, I find myself at a complete loss as to what planet he seems to have taken himself off to. I am absolutely gobsmacked to learn that Sillars seems to be pro-fracking and that he thinks the public did not know there was a major consultation on whether fracking should be banned. He went on to tell the BBC it would cost jobs and increase fuel poverty.

I am both appalled and disappointed in Sillars. What good will jobs be when the environment is destroyed? There was a consultation, the public do not want fracking, even south of the border, the public do not want fracking and are doing all in their power to oppose it. At least we only had to have a consultation, others have come up against the elite, and we all know what happens then. Fracking has been imposed south of the border by unscrupulous people who only have their own interests at heart. Money and power, that is all they care about. They do not care about the environment, they do not care about the health of those living nearby. Fracking is banned in Scotland and should remain that way.

I am still reeling by this.

BBC + Sillars = SNP-Bad.