Any Time Before 29th March 2019…

Well now we know, according to Emily Thornberry, the United Kingdom will leave the European Union on the 29th March 2019. There is not much time now, 2019 will be on us in no time at all. We must get cracking, or we’ll miss the boat.  I just want to climb aboard the life boat, a life raft will do. I just need to be as far as possible when the rest of the UK takes a nose dive off that cliff edge with no deal at all. To be honest, the European Union wasn’t going to make it easy. Bottom line, they do not want the UK to leave, therefore intend to make it as difficult as possible. They will be quite happy to see the UK hurl itself off that cliff. If it means, we will come crawling back with our tail between our legs saying sorry and we won’t do it again.

Scotland does have a way out, however, with what is happening in Catalonia just now I would not put it past Westminster to deny a referendum. In fact, Scottish Tories such as Davidson and Mundell are spouting that there is no appetite for another referendum and, in a more dictator way, telling the people, we are NOT getting another referendum. Yet, if there is no appetite in Scotland for another, then why do people keep asking me if I think there will be one and not in a curious way. The worry edged on their faces tells all. They are worried, can see the disaster that is Brexit and the way in which Scotland can escape. That said, there are still those we must convince. The ‘grey haired brigade’ I call them. I know it sounds a derogatory term but, believe me, these people do not have Scotland’s best interests at heart. Only their own and I have no patience left where they are concerned.

Listening to them discussing the news, listening to them marvel at how wonderful the Tories are and how they feel sorry for Theresa May, how the SNP are ruining this country. Getting their news straight from the state broadcaster. And believing every word. If they were open to conversation, if they would listen to the other side. But they won’t. It is their way or no way. They have benefited from the NHS, yet they would see it privatised, they benefit from free prescriptions, yet, they would have them reintroduced, they benefit from free social care, yet they are perfectly fine with paying and don’t see why others won’t also. And don’t get me started with the constant repeating of everything that Ruth Davidson says. They seem to hang off her every word. Repeat everything she says as if it’s gospel. But that is just in a part of affluent South Lanarkshire, hopefully others have the same distain for the Tories, both Conservative and Labour that I do. Hopefully, this is just one section of society. If not, then we have our work do to and may not have enough time to do it.