Separatist and Proud!

Seems since we (well England and Wales) decided to leave the European Union everything has suddenly got a great big Union Jack on it. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t give two flying figs about such things but now that I am constantly bombarded with the British flag. I am sick to the back teeth looking at it.

The term Great Britain seems to have resurrected itself, or has been resurrected by upper class Tory morons who seem to have built some kind of time machine and are determined to take us back to a time where Britain was ‘quite frankly’ not so great. Where countries were stolen from those native to the land, who were either killed or displaced. Brexit has become nothing more than the reminiscing of a time gone by. You can almost imagine those Tory morons, fat cigar and a crystal glass of the finest Scotch in hand, talking over what great deals to be done. Only in the eyes of the Tories, those deals will be with countries where everything will favour Great Britain, and nothing will favour the old colonies. Least that is what they believe because in the eyes of the Tories. They are the rulers and we are mere subjects at their disposal. And I do mean disposal!

Therefore, dear Scots, imagine the scene. We have left the European Union and Scotland is at the mercy of all those morons. What do you think will be the first thing on the agenda? Will it serve the public or will it serve the Tories and their merry band of men and women?

The day we officially leave the European Union is the day we can say goodbye to Scotland. Am I being melodramatic? Hell no. There is one thing the Tories love more than money and that is power. They have hidden the real impact of Brexit from the public because they have the power to do so. And no amount of demanding from the SNP will suddenly have them relent and release the documents. The Tories are not interested in Scotland in the sense that they are interested in the people. The Tories only interest is in how much money Scotland can bring to them. They are not interested in what we have now, not interested in free education, they are not interested in free healthcare, they are not interested in free prescriptions, they are not interested in free social care, they are not interested in human rights, they are not interested in workers’ rights, they are not interested in workers at all; excepting those workers are millionaires, billionaires or trillionaires.

This is how Brexit will play out in Scotland as I see it. If we choose to remain within this beloved family of nations. The minute we leave the Tories will put in place legislation to have the Scottish Parliament closed. They will push laws through parliament that will have a direct effect on everything that we have achieved since Thatcher decimated the country in the 1980’s as she sold practically everything in order to keep Westminster and the surrounding area afloat. Scotland is rich in resources, resources that we have built since, and I am dammed if I will see it frittered away like the oil. I am sick to the back teeth of all the baloney coming from the mainstream media, in particular BBC Scotland, which is run directly from London. This was very prevalent during the 2014 Commonwealth Games when a team of presenters was sent from London. I recall tweeting them to give us our games back. And STV is just as bad. Therefore, it should be a concern to everyone in the yes movement as these outlets target the elderly with their propaganda nonsense. Their constant repetitive mindset of Scotland being too wee, too poor and too stupid. That is disingenuous, and both should be utterly ashamed of themselves.

Scotland voted to remain in the European Union, yet will be dragged out regardless because, when all is said and done Scotland does not exist in the eyes of the Tories, and to a certain extent, the eyes of some in the Scottish Labour Party, they all know who they are. To deny your Country’s existence is treacherous to openly denounce all that this country is, is shameful. Scotland is a country, not a region. And those helping Westminster in their quest to make sure we do not exist is disgusting. Yet, not surprising. Scotland was sold out by the lunatic elite of that time and it looks as though it will be sold once more by very greedy, self-serving morons, who will stand among the rubble, look around and say.

“What happened?”

We are playing the waiting game, it is a game of cat and mouse, it is a game of who will blink first. I know many like myself are chomping at the bit to get going. Things are afoot, working in the background. All in place, I have a feeling that, come the turn of the year it will be all systems go. We may not have a date for our independence referendum, but we know there will be one. There must be, there is too much at stake. Scotland is teetering on the cliff edge. With Westminster and those who talk Scotland down behind ready to sacrifice us in favour of keeping them safe. I am not a big fan of the European Union, now more than ever, as their handling of Catalonia has been disgraceful. But right now, they are the less of two evils.

We have work to do, we must take charge of our own destiny, talking to the elderly will be an absolute choir as they are tuned to the moon by way of the BBC propaganda machine which will be ranked up to the max. It will not be easy. This time Westminster have everything to lose therefore will throw every dirty trick they can. They will send people to infiltrate the yes movement. They will initiate violence. This time round will not be pretty, but I am ready for the fight, and it will be a fight, not only for ourselves but for Scotland also. These last months of 2017 enjoy, for 2018 I have a feeling we will be busy, debunking the maxed-up propaganda, we will have to put up with being called all the names under the sun. Just like the people of Catalonia. If they want to call me a separatist so be it. I will be a separatist and proud.