What a bunch of hypocrites!

Thank god for all those extra characters generously given by twitter, now there are 250 characters to use. Just in time for the unionist press to spit their chips. The reason? Salmond has a new show.

alex new show


Alex Salmond has a new show on RT, due to begin next Thursday at 9pm, which has not gone down at all well with the unionist press. In fact, some of the hysterical tantrums could only be described as a two-year-old, lying on the carpet, legs and arms flaying everywhere as they scream and cry; only two-year-old toddlers have an excuse for their behaviour. They do not have the capacity to know what is wrong with them. Their little brains are still in the development stage and their little voices are not yet able to form a sentence. The unionist media however, have no such excuse for their behaviour in the last days. Screaming, shouting and crying at how unfair it all is.

“The sad, sad decline of Alex Salmond: from statesman to Kremlin paid fool.” Writes Alex Massie.

Oh dear, Massie does not seem impressed; could it be he is worried that, Salmond, given a voice may reach the masses? Perhaps Salmond went to RT because he would never be given such a platform on mainstream television, say the BBC for instance? The voices of the other side of the independence argument will never be heard on British broadcast media. Imagine ordinary people getting to hear what Salmond has to say? What his guests have to say. Oh no, there is no chance of that. Those of us in the UK get to hear one collective voice. Scotland is rubbish at everything. Everything that Scotland is has been downplayed for decades, how dare we raise our voice, how dare we raise our profile on the world stage. No, we must be wee Scotland, that wee region attached atop of the mighty England. We must never, ever step out of our box for if we do, the world will know our name once more. Perhaps this is why Andrew Neil’s tweet seemed a little anxious, worried even.

“Is it true that Alex Salmond is not only planning a takeover of The Scotsman but landed his own show on Kremlin propaganda channel RT?”

The unionist press is up in arms because they know that if Salmond is given a platform then they shall not have the monopoly of the mainstream viewing public or indeed readership from which to launch their own propaganda rubbish, much like they did during the independence debate in 2014. When the people of Scotland were bombarded with news from the unionist perspective and with only the Sunday Herald to counterbalance it. Now it would seem that, not only does the independence movement have their own news media in The National, now it would seem they may have a platform if Salmond does takeover The Scotsman, and with his own show on RT, the voice of the yes movement in Scotland may be heard and not drowned out by the unionist press.

That may be the real reason for the media meltdown and the reason why journalists such as David Torrence try to discredit Salmond as seen in Torrence tweet:

“For anyone paying attention, Salmond has behaved consistently badly since circa 2011 (following his landslide), yet legions of otherwise intelligent observers/stakeholders/supporters wilfully pretended it all wasn’t happening cause, you know, independence/reasons/The Movement.”

In what way has Salmond behaved badly? And what does Torrence mean by “otherwise intelligent observers?” What is he trying to insinuate here? That people who follow Salmond are not intelligent? What wasn’t happening? What on earth is Torrence referring to? Have I missed something here?

Salmond, has merely found a new calling, he is about to take aim and fire. All those who crowed at the loss of his seat in parliament, all those who congratulated themselves at unseating him are now worried. Salmond, now free from political restraint is now more dangerous in the eyes of the unionist press as he takes his place in the world stage of media and is ready to bat away all their propaganda nonsense. Salmond out of the politics and at the ready to launch his own show. It is a simple case of, be careful what you wish for, because it just may come true. All those smiling faces, all those pats on the back on election night as Salmond was out on his ear. Not so happy now. The problem for those unionists who thought that was it. Salmond would go quietly into the night, greatly misread the situation. Salmond will never go quietly anywhere. An independent Scotland is in his blood. Now he has found a new way of spreading the word. And for all those unionists talking about RT and Putin remember one thing. You were all perfectly happy to have Putin interfere in 2014 when David Cameron’s government wanted his backing. what a bunch of hypocrites you are.