I’m a celebrity get me outa here!

News broke yesterday that Kezia Dugdale, the ex- leader of Labour’s branch office in Scotland, is to be a contestant on the popular ITV show I’m a celebrity, get me out of here. The show attracts many has been as well as wannabe stars. Or at least it did when I watched it many moons ago. Now it would seem, all hell has broken loose. Twitter went into meltdown with all sorts of tweets regarding Kezia’s decision.

What is it with politicians and celebrity status? We have had Ruth Davidson, a panellist on Have I got news for you, now Dugdale. Oh, and not to forget, Davidson’s intention to take part in the Great British Bake off. What is it with this woman? Why does she crave the limelight? She is never off our television screens, smiling and pandering to her adoring fans; the media. She is the darling of the Herald Newspaper, they gave her an award for being politician of the year, again; that’s two years in a row she has won Politian of the year. I seriously cannot believe other, more competent politicians were passed over. But, hey, what can I say. This is the Herald and it’s their awards show and their decision. Perhaps she won because she is always there, giving soundbites and telling the people of Scotland how crap the country is and how bad the SNP Government are, and, how she will make everything all better.

Back to Kezia though. The mere fact that Kezia thinks she is a celebrity baffles me. There she will be rubbing shoulders with…well I have no idea who else has signed up to be humiliated on TV. Talking of humiliation, Kezia is used to that. She was often, humiliated every week on First Minister’s questions, like the time her office sent an email to Nicola Sturgeon, inviting her along to help campaign for Scottish Labour in the General Election. I remember it distinctly because John Swinney’s laugh was infectious.

The First Minister, in responding to the email said:

“I know Labours Campaign is in dire straits, but I want to, not miss the opportunity today to thank Kezia Dugdale for her email on Tuesday. It came from her direct to the First Minister’s Official Email Inbox asking me [Nicola Sturgeon] if I would be part of Labour’s volunteer effort on election day. I don’t want to pile more misery onto Scottish Labour right now, so let me break this gently to Kezia Dugdale; I think I’m busy that day.”

Perhaps Kezia is hoping for a bit of moral support from the F.M. If all is going wrong, she shall send smoke signals to the First Ministers office asking for her to volunteer to lead the Kezia Dugdale final push for telephone votes to keep her in the jungle; that doesn’t seem like too bad an idea; perhaps the F.M should consider it.

Is Kezia Dugdale a celebrity? Definitely not, perhaps Kezia is using this as a platform for something else. Perhaps she is thinking of some kind of career move, perhaps she is trying to shake off her politician persona in order to let the real Kezia shine through? Who knows. If I’m a celebrity was only shown in Scotland, then I believe Kezia would do very well; not because she is popular but because some in Scotland have a cruel streak and would vote and vote and vote, if it meant seeing her undergo horrible bush tucker trials. As this is shown in all parts of the United Kingdom, I believe she will be one of the first voted off.

Good luck to her; I think she may need it.