An inspirational night ruined by a bunch of namby-pamby women!

It would seem Yes East Kilbride set out to undermine women. I mean having an all-male panel is a bit of a no-no. No sooner had the meeting commenced than comments were flying in and continued long into the evening and even today. As shown below.

Oddbins Shawlands tweeted:

“That panel looks awfully male.”

Wow, great observations skills there. Yes, I looked to, they were all male. Even the wee ginger dug was male. In response to this tweet, E.K organiser stated:

“Had a WIF (Women for Independence) weeks ago.”

I am assuming there was an all-women panel that evening. You know, with it being, women for independence and all that!

Seemingly this was not the response twitter user Jenni Gunn was after, she said:

“That’s a really disappointing response.”

The organiser of the event went on to explain his intention to have a diverse panel but could only go with those who had agreed, he went on:

“I’ve seen several people say things like ‘I couldn’t have done it but surely you could have got someone to do it.”

Organisers reached out to seventeen women an none could make it, this did not go down well with Jenni, who responded by telling us all how frustrated women feel “seeing themselves constantly undermined.”

In what way were women undermined by this yes meeting? The organiser stated he asked seventeen women and none could make it. It is not his fault that there were no women on the panel. For all those complaining, organise your own meeting, that way you can invite all the women you please and have them sit on the panel and give their talks and not be undermined, oh sorry, constantly undermined by men.

This meeting was great, very informative and enjoyable. The panellists put their heart and soul into their talks, gave up their time. Only to be undermined by a bunch of namby-pamby women. Well done to those who organised this meeting, hopefully you won’t be put off by this response.