“Labour members were campaigning for real change across the entire country today.” (25th November). A smiling Richard Leonard (new leader of the Scottish Branch Office) tweeted. Looking rather chilled to the bone in his big black coat, red scar tied around his neck and clutching a big red sign which read, ‘Households in Scotland better off with labour.’  Yes, it really did say that!

This however, did not go down at all well judging by the responses on twitter a few or which are listed below.

Happy to be Tommy tweeted:

“Campaigning for bankruptcy. Genius.’”

Oh dear, Tommy did not seem at all happy, think Tommy may be worrying about the pennies, whereas Denis Webster wanted to know:

“What real change is that Richard? Will that mean Labour will stop abstaining or voting on Tory policies at Westminster? Or forming coalitions in Scottish Councils.”

You see dear reader this is where Scottish Labour, or Labour in general fall; they believe that we here in Scotland still hold them in high regard. They think we are dumb and do not remember what they did. They think that by putting together a few good policies (none of which may be honoured by the way) people of Scotland will forgive and forget. We neither forgive or forget. Especially their betrayal of siding with the Tories during the independence referendum. To be seen standing shoulder to shoulder with those who actively destroyed Scotland during those Thatcher years have very, VERY, long memories and do not forgive easily, especially when we learned what having our own Scottish Parliament cost us as G Lamead tweeted.

“So much better off that Labour stole 6,000 square miles of prime fishing waters on 7 major oil wells from Scotland and gave them to England.”

It would seem Labour are even bigger sharks than the Tories, at least the Tories do not try to hide the fact that they are sharks. Labour come at a cost; telling the people they are better off with Labour and all the while proving they most certainly are not.