The debate goes on…

As the debate on when a second referendum on Scottish independence should take place I can see it from both sides of the argument. However, I believe Westminster will never give permission for a second referendum. May’s, “Now is not the time.” stance will never change because there will never be a time for Scotland to leave the family of nations. May and her cohorts see Scotland as a cash cow. The way in which they are going to get through Brexit. I would not be surprised if we are being sold, lock, stock, and barrel to the Corporates of America. CEO’s rubbing their grubby little hands at the thought of getting them on our National Health Service.

Scotland must to go, and go now. In fact, we should have been away first-time round. All those promises made by ‘better together’ which are now in ruins were going to come to fruition anyway. They were not exactly lying, they were just expanding the truth. All those closures were closures that were bound to happen; ‘better together’ just used them to scare the people of Scotland into remaining in a union that has never put them first, EVER!

The biggest lie however, was the one they spouted on European Union. Look what has happened since. Cameron, to appease the Euro-sceptics in his party decided to give the public a referendum on whether we leave or remain. He believed this would shut those in his party up once and for all. Never in his wildest dreams did he think England and Wales would vote to leave the EU. In fact, Boris Johnston looked shell-shocked as he fought his way through a baying crowd on the morning after. What ensued in the days after was ridiculous. Back in the days of the Scottish Referendum, Alex Salmond was constantly asked what his plan B was. Turned out, the brexiteers did not have a plan A, let alone a plan B. In other words. Both camps had shown such arrogance in their thinking the electorate would vote the way in which Number 10 had expected and everything in the world would go back to normal and of course, the opposite happened.

Cameron resigned almost immediately, with a wave of the hand and a, “You wanted it, you deal with it.” attitude, he flounced off literally handing a poison chalice to his successor, in this case Theresa May. An unelected Prime Minister (at the time). She took the chalice and has had her hands on it ever since. Mainly, because no one else wants it. Most are quite eager to get the job done, bitching and moaning but not quite willing to step up and take the chalice from May. And no wonder, who would want that? Having to deal with a disgruntled European Union, A disgruntled Ireland, A disgruntled Scotland etc.

Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the European Union, some in the ‘yes’ camp believe the EU will not help Scotland, comparing it with the shameful way in which they have conducted themselves over Catalonia. I disagree. The Catalonian situation is not the same. Scotland faces being dragged out of the EU against the expressed wishes of the people. Westminster is hellbent on taking Scotland over the cliff edge. I honestly believe the European Union will wish to have Scotland remain and should a second referendum on Scottish independence be put to the people once more, you will see the stance of the European Union change. They are hurt and angry that the UK is leaving, of course they are, however, they know that standing back and letting the people of Scotland be taken out against their will does not bode well for them. Especially as other member states are sympathetic to Scotland’s plight. That is why I believe, should we have a second referendum and indeed choose our own path, we will have the EU fighting in our corner. Provided we join of course.

Anyone who knows me, knows I am not the EU’s biggest fan, but right now, if it is a straight choice between the European Union and a UK, who are moving into the fascist hemisphere at an alarming rate. I choose the EU.

Referendum 18, 19, 20. I believe either late 2018, or early 2019, anything else will be far too late for Scotland. The Tories will destroy us, they hate us. You only have to watch PMQ’s to witness their hostility. And that is from Tories that are indeed Scottish. We have work to do, months, and months of propaganda rubbish has been spouted by the mainstream media, propaganda that our elderly are taking as gospel. This limbo is killing me, and it is killing the yes movement, while we are idle, in-fighting is rearing its ugly head. And that can only be good for the unionists.