Last night saw the cretins at Westminster, using their English Votes for English laws pass legislation which will in effect allow them to make any changes they wish to the Scotland Bill. In fact, it would allow them to re-write the entire thing. In a recent update I warned of this. I told you they were coming for our Parliament. Make no bones about it. This is  the British State at its best.


I was tweeting like mad last night. Angry that no one seemed to give a shit about what had just happened. Journalists, about as useful as a fart in a trance. Davidson, no where to be found. Right enough, Davidson never does seem to be anywhere when there are hard questions to answer. Never available. Yet, ask her about independence and she’s falling over herself to get to the studio. So, here are some questions I would like Davidson to answer.

“Why did your Scottish MP’s vote against the people of Scotland?”

“Why are they not standing up for us?”

“When will they start representing the people?”

“What will you do when they come for the parliament?” Oh wait, I think I may know the answer to that. You’ll sprint down to Westminster and ask for a safe seat.

“Will you and your party stand back and watch Scotland be decimated?”

“How are you doing in the polls Ms Davidson?”

“What has happened to your comeback?”

I am angry at the thought of having to endure a Thatcher style return. Only it will be Thatcher on steroids. If we are to save ourselves, then we must stand up and tell Westminster to go and do one. Time is running out. I had predicted September next year for a referendum on independence, however I have changed my mind. I believe we must hold a referendum in the Spring of next year. Perhaps May. If we wait any longer the Tory cretins aided and abetted by their Tory chums in the Labour Party will kill this country.