They are coming for OUR Parliament

Last week the House of Commons rejected an amendment motion which in affect now allows Westminster to alter the Scotland Act 1998. And alter it they will. In fact, do not be surprised if they tear it into tiny pieces and throw it into the fire.

From the moment the people of Scotland voted to have our parliament restored the Tories have been itching to tear it down again. They are determined to rule everyone and everything. That is painstakingly obvious when they refer to Britain as being one great big country. If they have said it once, they have said it a dozen times. With this, they can close the parliament, and rip the heart out of our country once more.


The statement above says, the government can do whatever they damn well please and there is nothing whatsoever we can do about it and the most frightening thing; our fellow Scots have no idea, because, once again the mainstream media chose not to mention it, or if they did, they made sure it was at a time when no one would be listening. They really are a damned disgrace. For those who may think this is not a big deal, let me spell out exactly what it means.

Amending the Scotland Act would mean Westminster will be able to interfere in everything the Scottish Government do. For example, take away the ban on fracking, you know, the one where the public made it clear in no uncertain terms that fracking would not be tolerated in Scotland. Well, without that amendment, the Tories, aided and abetted by their chums in the Labour party, you know, the ones who are not socialists? They will make sure fracking licences are handed out like sweeties. If you’d like our beautiful land fracked to f*** and possibly impact the value of your home, don’t go asking the Scottish Tories why they didn’t stand up for Scotland?

What of the NHS, being dismantled in England as we speak. If you would be okay with handing over your credit card, if you are okay taking out insurance for your health care, well that’s okay then. But just remember, your health and the health of your children will be in the hands of an insurance company. When the Tories finally get their way and OUR National Health Service is privatised. What will you do then? If you are okay with that, then so be it, if you are not, then perhaps ask those Scottish Tories why they did not stand up for Scotland?

What of our education system? Are you all okay with paying £9000 a year? If you are then fine, fair enough, however if you are not then being under direct Tory rule at Westminster will see the introduction of tuition fees. Ask yourself, can you afford to send your child off to university? Do you want your child to have a chance in life? If the answer is no, or I don’t really care one way or another, then fine. If not however, go and ask the Scottish Tory MP why he did not stand up for the people of Scotland?

What about Granny and Grandpa? Would you have money to fork out for your social care? Would your child, children? Social care if free, if you would like to keep it that way then perhaps find one of our Scottish Tories and ask him or her why he or she did not stand up for the people of Scotland?

Do you see yourself as Scottish? If so, please take heed. Westminster are coming for our parliament. They plan to close it down. They want to rule, everyone and everything. Please do not let them. If they close the parliament we have no resistance to their policies. The Scottish Government are mitigating the worst of the Tory austerity. Before criticising just remember who got us into this mess, whose policies are being mitigated and who in Westminster helped push them through.


Soon we will be at a crossroads, Keep the Scottish Parliament, or return to direct Westminster rule. I know which one I choose. Don’t let me down, don’t let your children down and most importantly, don’t let yourselves down.