Brexit Tory Syle!

The withdrawal from the European Union Tory style is not what I and many signed up for. Yet, I should have known it would be hijacked by unscrupulous, arrogant, egotistical, overconfident, conceited morons. And that is just their good points. I have not even stared on their bad points yet!

The Tories are under the impression that every other country is eager to do business with them, yes that is how arrogant they are. And they believe they can get a great deal from the European Union after we leave. This is not going to happen, the deal we have, being in the European Union, is the best deal.

The negotiations so far have been a disaster, they have been a disaster because the UK Government were not prepared for a leave vote. Yes, in their arrogance they believed the people of England and Wales would vote to remain in the EU. Both, the leave and remain camps blaming each other for the mess of June 2016. No plan from either side had been drawn up, and there is still no plan.

“Brexit means Brexit.” Theresa May stated, continually, as the first months rolled on, translated as, I have no clue what is going on, we were not prepared for this. You were all supposed to vote remain and everything was supposed to go back to normal. The Euro sceptics would have been put firmly in their place and David Cameron would still be Prime Minister.

Now here we are, Brexit negotiations are a joke, a billion pounds has been paid to the DUP, folks are sleeping on the street, not children though, they are not on the street – yet.

Everything is just fine and dandy.

I can only imagine what will happen post-Brexit, when the Human Rights Act has been torn up and replaced by a Bill of Rights. These will not be drawn up with the public in mind. These will have corporatocracy written all over them to aid and abet the elite. In fact, we will be lucky if the rights we are given will have any value whatsoever.

Tory Britain is something I did not sign up for, not what Scotland signed up for. It is no wonder a recent poll carried out by popular blogger Stu Campbell of Wings over Scotland shows support for an independent Scotland in the European Union at forty nine percent.

As we go into this festive season, Scotland sits at a crossroads. Exit the EU with Britain, or remain with the nation states of Europe. Britain after Brexit will not be pretty; it is not now, in fact, it is dire. We are in effect, living in a Victorian Britain that the Tories have seen fit to resurrect.

It is easy to forget the damage that is being met out to the people in England, under Tory rule and Wales under Labour. We have had it good so far, however, if we are not careful we could very well find ourselves at the mercy of the Tories. Next year  we have a choice to make. Exit with the rest of the UK and be under direct Tory rule, or take our chances and go it alone. Whether that be in Europe or in an independent Scotland. Time to get off the fence, time to think, to research, to listen. We are in danger of those who have lived the life of riley, not having to worry about medical care. Workers rights, or pensions selling us down the river because they do not like change, or for some misguided loyalty to a union that has never had their best interests at heart.