What mentality must you have to think this is perfectly acceptable behaviour?

What mentality must you have to think it is perfectly okay to break into and vandalise a foodbank? What goes through the mind of these individuals as they ransack and destroy food for those in need? Are they so blinded by hate that this is acceptable? Is this really the way normal people behave?

Twice now foodbanks in Scotland have been broken into and ransacked. The first in Coatbridge just before Christmas and the second in Glasgow just before New Year. So, the question is, who are these individuals? And what is their motive?

Is this to be the new norm. Vandals, off their faces with drink and drugs breaking into foodbanks. Were they looking for money? Or are they just so far gone that they don’t give a damn who they hurt. Or is this the new form of entertainment for morons?

Foodbanks have no place in society, yet they are here and on the rise. Food for the needy, what a horrible concept. No one should be in need in a rich nation. Everyone should have their basic needs met. Food on their table. Yet since the Tories came to power there has been a sustained attack on the basic needs of people. Food being a major concern, if there were no foodbanks people would literally starve to death. Is this what Cameron meant by his big society? Did he mean the state to take a step back and let communities take over? As is happening now, the generosity of those who can ill afford it taking care of the ‘needy’ what a horrible statement. ‘The needy’ no one should have to beg for food. No one should have to worry where their next meal is coming from and more importantly no one should have to put up with mindless thugs who think it is perfectly okay to trash a place, just for fun. Let’s hope the police catch these cretins and they are given the harshest of punishments.