NHS in meltdown in England, Tories are privatising it. Don’t let that happen here!

While Doctors and nurses take to twitter to air their concerns about the absolute meltdown of England’s National Health Service. We in Scotland have the Scottish Government to thank for keeping the wolf from the door in ours. It may have a few problems, but it is nowhere near the crisis that England is facing. However, to listen to the mainstream media you’d think it was on its knees.

The Tories have been itching to privatise the NHS for years, almost since its conception. In his speech to Party members at the conference of 2006. David Cameron, assured everyone that the NHS was “Safe in his hands.” Many believed that Cameron wanted to save the NHS, that doesn’t look to be the case. Looks like what he may have been telling the Tories is their dream of a privatised NHS was safe in his hands. It certainly looks that way now, with great big chunks of it being sold off to the highest bidder and being sued if a certain bidder was not awarded the contract.

Scotland’s NHS is not quite at that stage yet: let’s keep it that way because a privatised NHS does not bare thinking about. Let me tell you what a privatised medical service will look like. In order to use it one will have to have medical insurance. How much will that cost? How much of our hard-earned cash will go to prop up some insurance company? How much profit will these insurance companies make. Will we still have to fork out national insurance? Will our national insurance provide the basic package? Will there be a basic package? Will it be a case of the wealthy getting the best of care and the rest of us care according to our means?

Make no mistake, the NHS will be gone and in its place we shall have the system the used in the USA. Let me tell you about medical care in the USA. A few years back, I came across a blog run by the mother of a very ill little girl. Her name was Kate and she had been fighting brain cancer since she was five years old. In 2014, she began having seizures, her mother naturally sought medical help which her mother documented in a blog. In June her mother made a post that had me gasp out loud. Little Kate who was eleven by then, was due to go to the hospital for her CT scan to investigate, basically to see if her cancer had returned and what could possibly be causing her seizures. A day before she was due at the hospital the hospital emails, (emails) her mother to tell her the scan had been cancelled. The reason, the hospital had forgot to inform the insurance company, therefore little Kate could not have her scan. Which speaks volumes as it meant that Kate’s life was in the hands of the hospital and more importantly an insurance company. Her life was not in the hand of her mother.

Is this the kind of medical care we want in Scotland? Please do not let this happen believe me, the Tories and their corporate chums would like nothing more than to get their grubby paws on our NHS. It is OURS, not theirs, whenever you see the mainstream media attacking our NHS ask why that is? Look behind the headline, look for a motive. Don’t be taken for a fool. The mainstream media are run by big corporations, media barons with their own agenda, remember that!

Authors note: Evidence of Kate’s medical experience can be found on her mother’s blog; out of respect to the child I have withheld it. I shall produce it upon request.