Single crewed ambulances

These past couple of days have saw an increase in negative stories regarding Scotland’s NHS from the mainstream media. There is nothing whatsoever sinister in this ladies and gentlemen. Nothing at all to do with the fact that the NHS is in absolute meltdown in England. Oh no we cannot have that, people in Scotland must believe there is a crisis in their NHS.

There it is ladies and gentlemen. The mainstream media have their beady eye on it and are now churning out NHS bad stories all over the goddamn place. I however want to draw your attention to this story.

Single crewed ambulances!

A Freedom of Information Request posted online by the outstandingly great GA Ponsonby shows that there are indeed single crewed ambulances as the information states:

“Scottish ambulance service does not routinely roster staff to be on their own in a double crewed vehicle. Every effort is made to double crew all shifts, however there will be occasions when some shifts will be single crewed due to short notice, unplanned staff absence where additional staff cannot be arranged. This is exceptional and represents a small proportion of the number of shifts doubled crewed each year.”

The request goes on:

“A single crew will be sent to an accident if they are the closed resource to provide a patient with immediate care, but they will always be backed up by a double crew.”

This FOI was dated 31st August 2017, which begs the question, why was this not released until now. Did the media plan to release this to have the maximum impact? English NHS in crisis, we must have something to show the Scottish NHS isn’t coping?

Why exactly was this released. What were the media trying to manipulate here? Were they trying to give a view of the ambulance service in some sort of crisis, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Was it the ambulance service that was being attacked or the Scottish Government?

Single crew ambulances are only sent in exceptional circumstances, which gives the impression that for much of the time everything is fine. What is really being manipulated here? The fact that single crewed ambulances should not be sent, is that what they are saying?

“Sorry Mrs Smith, I know your husband’s symptoms sound like he is having a heart attack, but we only have a single crew available.”

“Oh, best not send it then. I’ll just wait for a double crew.”

People stressed out of their box and on the phone to the 999 operators won’t give two flying-figs if there is one or two crew coming; as long as someone is coming to help. Believe me I have been in that situation. You see the paramedic, or someone dressed in green and you relax because they are there to take over and can do more for your loved one with his or her medical training than you can.

This one crew operation is an attempt by the mainstream media to manipulate the public into thinking this is bad. It is not, as previously stated, the public won’t care two hoots, as long as their loved one is going to hospital. If we have to wait for a two-crew ambulance it may be too late, therefore what’s it to be, a trip to hospital, blue lights flashing, or precious moments waisted waiting for a two crew to become available. Dig deeper and you see the bigger picture, you see what could really happen.

The public must ask themselves, what they would do in this circumstance?

Would you bother that only one medic arrived at your door to administer immediate help?

The mainstream media should be ashamed of themselves making this into some sort of crisis. It is as it states, done in exceptional circumstances.