The Road North or the Road South

What goes through the mind of someone who would actively harm their own country? Is their hatred for the Scottish National Party such that they would rather sacrifice their future? Do they even know what mitigation has been put in place to hold back the tsunami that is hitting England? I dread to think how far down the road of destruction we would be had the people of Scotland not voted for a party who does and always will put Scotland first. Has everyone forgotten the devastation Thatcher imposed on Scotland?

We stand at a crossroads. The Road South takes us to destruction; the Road North to a bigger and brighter future. The time is now, we cannot just simply wait and see.

The NHS in England is in crisis, in fact it is more than a crisis, it is the result of a systematic dismantling, year upon year. Medical staff stretched to the absolute limit; from consultants, junior doctors, nurses, paramedics, porters. And a UK government that offers no more than platitudes, when all the time they are plotting their next move. And in addition to this we have a police force stretched to the absolute limit in England, cut and cut, in fact, cut to the bare bone that now the public are not safe because there are fewer officers on the beat.

The Conservative government have a lot to answer for, yet they fail to answer a single question because they already know this meltdown is down to them as has always been the case when they are in power. The lives of ordinary citizens are never catered for, always the rich and powerful. People sleeping on the streets; now deemed a blot on society as London prepares for a Royal wedding the UK can hardly afford. Live within our means, a phrase the Tories like to churn out daily. Well how can you live within your means when you do not have any means to live by? Mental health has gone through the roof as the cost of living in the United Kingdom spirals out of control. Wages stagnated. Pensions about to take a hit and women of pension age not getting theirs when they should.

All the while the media, who have been complacent in helping the government push through legislation, putting forward arguments for austerity and all the while blaming the most vulnerable when in fact they should have been knocking on the doors of the rich, of bankers and asking those awkward questions as to why they have off shore accounts and holding bankers to account when playing Russian roulette with the economy.

All those years the Tories have blamed the most vulnerable, humiliating them, treating those whose only crime of not being able to find a job, sanctioned, treated like they are the enemy of the state; like those in North Korea, Russia, Iran. When a government starts sanctioning its own people, alarm bells should ring in the ears of every citizen, for where will this lead. This government have gotten away with treating citizens as if they were the enemy and all the while the media said nothing, did nothing. In fact, both broadcast and news media were complacent in this humiliation and should take a good long look at themselves. Suicides through the roof, human rights abuses. This is not the work of a democratic government, this is the work of a dictatorship who are now actively splitting families apart as their ‘foreign’ partners are denied right to remain. Letters being sent out in ‘error’ twice now. This is not the government doing this in error, this is a government testing the water; this is a government gaging public reaction.

Here in Scotland we have a choice, do you want to live under direct Westminster rule, or would you like to help shape an independent Scotland. The choice I’m sure will be soon. We cannot go on like this. Austerity is a Tory ideology we cannot afford. Once they are through with the most vulnerable who shall be next? Working class? Middle Class? The Tories will not stop until they put all our wealth into the hands of the rich. They have their eyes on Scotland. We are not to poor and we are most certainly not too stupid. What we are is misinformed about the potential of our own future. The mainstream media do not have Scotland’s best interest at heart. They represent Westminster. BBC and STV’s headquarters are in London. Remember the Commonwealth Games. The BBC sent up their entire reporting team and ours were swept aside. Remember that.

I believe at some point, when The First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon as exhausted every avenue to keep Scotland within the EU she will call a second referendum on Scottish independence. The question we all must ask is this:

“Would I be better off under direct Tory rule where my Human Rights will be replaced with a bill of rights and given what has already been dished out to the most vulnerable by way of sanctions. Are my workers’ rights safe in their hands? Is my pension safe in their hands? Will I get medical care free at the point of use? Will my foreign-born partner be given leave to remain?”

Do the stories coming from mainstream media in particular Reporting Scotland reflect what is really going on in Scotland. Do you know anyone working in the NHS who can corroborate their stories? How do you know that what they are reporting is true? Are you just blindly trusting them; These were the same people that reported there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Yet years later it was proven they had misled, or had been misled.

I am not trying to dictate to you. I am just trying to get you to see past the headlines, past the reports. I want you to see the bigger picture. Who owns the media? What is their agenda here?

We are going to have a decision to make and one that holds the future of our children and our children’s children in the palm of our hands. What do you want for them. Direct Tory rule or a free independent Scotland. It will be a hard decision, but one I hope you will come at with an open mind, not one closed off by the lies and propaganda of a compliant media who takes its orders from the media barons who own it and therefore have a vested unionist interest.