Scotland and her people held in contempt

The Secretary of State for Scotland Mundell assured Scots (yesterday) that he will do all in his power to make sure Scotland gets the best deal as we leave the European Union. In other words; we are leaving the European Union we don’t give two flying figs if Scotland voted to remain. England and Wales want to leave so we’re leaving.

In 2014’s referendum on independence, Scotland were assured that our voice would be heard, we were a family of nations and that we [Scotland] should lead. What a lot of bollocks. From the moment Cameron stepped from number 10 and made it all about England votes for English laws Scotland and her people have been held in contempt. For just over three years now, Scotland has endured the hostility and outright arrogance of a Westminster Parliament that wishes Scotland would get back into her box. Our referendum was once in a generation and that’s that.

“Now is not the time.” Says May.

Now is the time. The British state are making plans to exit the EU and they are going to use all our assets to do it. They really are that arrogant that they think they can do whatever the hell they please and the Scots will just suck it up and carry on as normal. Well nothing in Scotland is normal. Those who awoken during the referendum are still very much awake and are, not only holding the UK government to account but also the complaint mainstream media.

I was heartened today while speaking to my neighbour who is in his 90’s that even he is not buying the mainstream media’s portrayal of the NHS in Scotland being in some sort of crisis. To be honest, I think those who still switch on BBC and STV or read newspapers are fed up with all the Scotland bad stories. We all have eyes, we can see what is happening south of the border and regardless of peoples political views no one can deny the Scottish Government isn’t doing a good job trying to mitigate all those Tory cuts.

Hopefully those in the fishing and agricultural industries know now that the Tories they sent to Westminster to represent them are doing no such thing and that it has always been the SNP who have had their interested at the forefront of every decision they make.

Now we face having powers devolved to the Scottish Parliament scrutinised by the unelected House of Lords. One of which has mentioned taking the Transport police back under Westminster rule.  We have a decision to make and a decision that I fear will come sooner than we all think. The Secretary of State for Scotland is nothing more than Westminster’s representative in Scotland. Sent up to dictate to us. To tell us what we can and cannot have and what we do and do not want. He is no more than a puppet.

The more outrageous Brexit, the more the mainstream talk down Scotland, the more the people push back. The mainstream media are in trouble. They have been called out by Derek Batemen. Their viewing figures are plummeting. News is being consumed by other means. We still have work to do but I feel the people of Scotland are fed up, fed up of the too wee, too poor and too stupid mantra that has plagued us for years.

Roll on Summer. I think we may be very, very busy.