What is Mundell up to???

Rumours have been flying this week that The Secretary of State for Scotland David Mundell has been poaching civil servants from Holyrood, with promises of big salaries and higher pay grades. Why is that? Especially given that in the past the Secretary of State for Scotland has managed to run his office with only five members of staff? Could it be that Mr Mundell is preparing the way for a takeover once the Brexit deal has been done?

Last week the Scottish ‘Tory’ parcel of rogues in a nation voted through the EU Withdrawal Bill unamended, which will, on its return from the House of Lords put the Scottish Parliament and all who sit in it in absolute peril of being closed. Perhaps this is the reason for the sudden alleged increase in staff at the Scotland office? Could it be possible that the Tories are going to stage some sort of coup? Is Mundell preparing the way for some sort of takeover of the Scottish Parliament? Why has he gone from five members of staff to over 70 or even 100. What is going on? What are they doing?

Are these civil servants been lured by greed? Are they unionists, trying to save the union by closing a parliament the people of Scotland overwhelmingly voted for?

These are all just rumours, however given the Tories track record where Scotland is concerned nothing would surprise me. The people of Scotland voted to remain in the European Union and are about to be dragged out against their will. Now if the rumours are true and this individual is planning some sort of coup after Brexit which will bring Scotland back under direct Westminster rule, again against the will of the people. Then those who have been lured by money should take a long hard look in the mirror and ask themselves what country they would like their children to live in. A country that puts its citizens first or one that is bordering on a 1930’s German ideology, especially where the most vulnerable are concerned. The disabled, the sick, the unemployed. An ideology of ‘useless eaters’ not something I write lightly, but something that must be pointed out. The Tories are abusing their power and if allowed to continue will cause no end of misery for a lot of people. Conservatives and their enablers are out of control. They do not live in the realities of life, and do not see what their policies are doing to the citizens of the United Kingdom. If this is true and Mundell is scheming and conniving some sort of coup against Scotland and her people, then he has to go, and he can take all those money grabbing civil servants with him. Scotland will not be sold again. Keep an eye on this individual; he does not serve the people of Scotland, he serves his Tory masters and they are his masters. He comes across as a little ‘yes’ man who will do as he is told no questions asked.