As rain poured from the sky yesterday, tens of thousands took to the streets of London to protest the Tories sell off the National Health Service. In years gone by this would have brought tons of journalists and reporters to England’s capital. Now they seem to be few and far between.

Is this a deliberate move, or is it the fact that there just aren’t that many journalists anymore? It may be a bit of both. All the left and left of centre news outlets seemed to have descended on the Capital if the Sunday papers are anything to go by. Worrying however, was the distinct lack of coverage from the broadcast media; particularly BBC.

As people took to twitter and other social media outlets, questioning the BBC’s lack of coverage of this event. We in Scotland set about answering – well you didn’t think the BBC were going to answer, did you?

Since the 2014 referendum on Scottish independence the BBC have been called out by independence supporters for their blatant bias towards unionism and their blatant SNP-bad stories that supporters of the government must endure daily. So much so that some have refused to pay their television licence and do not watch live TV.

I remember pre-referendum coming home from work and watching both BBC News and Reporting Scotland and lapping it all up as if it were gospel. It was the BBC, so it must be true right? Wrong. I began to see them in a different light back in June of 2014 and their coverage of the war in Palestine, only it wasn’t a war at all, it was blatant genocide of the Palestinian people that was being past off as some sort of terrorist attack by Hamas. And on researching further I found many, many Palestinian children (babies) had been killed in Israeli rocket attacks. What I was witnessing on a livestream from Palestine was not what was being framed and told by the BBC. That is when I began to question just what they were about. And concluded that they were no more than the state broadcaster. From that moment on I could no longer trust what they said or did and began to investigate the mainstream media of the United Kingdom and found it wanting. There are great journalists out there, but it would seem their hands are tied. I am quite sure some do not believe a word they write but they do have to pay the mortgage.

It is a good job the BBC makes good drama, because more and more people are awakening to their bias, false stories and their lack of attendance at rallies and walks. There will come a day when they will have to decide. Are they the state broadcaster or are they the voice of the people? If they continue to broadcast what the state wants. Then the public will stop watching and refuse to fund them, not matter the cost. At the end of the day, the public do not like to be lied to.

The BBC as it stands today is an absolute disgrace; extorting money from the public and threatening them with court if they do not pay their licence is quite frankly, disgusting. Hopefully more and more people will see them for the state broadcaster they are.