The Impact Study that was, then wasn’t and now is!

Talk about secret society. It would seem the impact study drawn up by the Tories on how life in Scotland and the rest of the UK will change post Brexit has shown up again. Maybe they misplaced it, or lost it, or pushed it under the carpet and hoped it’d go away.

We all know Brexit is going to be a disaster, you cannot have your cake and eat it. I am amazed by the arrogance of Westminster. What they want is what the Tories always want. The good bits of the European Union and the bad bits left. Everything is their way or no way. From the outset Brexit has been a great big thorn in the side of Europe. How can you possible negotiate with upper class egoistical morons?

Every day brings some new disaster, which is okay for England and Wales. This is what they voted for. They want to say adios amigos. For the other two nations in this union, it is just one disaster after another. Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the European Union. Of those I have spoken to, the outlook is not good. They can see the damage that will be done. The people of Scotland do not need two impact statements to tell us how bad it’ll be. We have eyes and ears.

Time is ticking on, the hands of the clock are steadily nearing the end. The Tories are tearing themselves apart. The hard brexiteers seem to have the upper hand and are steering the ship towards the rocks while those manning the lighthouse shout danger ahead.

Scotland has a lifeboat tied up ready, and has room for everyone who wishes to come along. The status quo of 2014 no longer exists. It’s gone, crushed underneath the great big Tory jackboot and all those promises along with it. The lies of ‘Better Together’ are there for all to see, and with each passing day, more and more soft no voters are seeing them being resurrected as the Tories deal with the Brexit fallout and the fact that Scotland is not sitting quietly aboard the ship waiting to be taken out of Europe against our will. The people of Scotland may not be saying much, but we are listening, and we do not like what we are hearing.

MSP Ivan McKee, tweeted that he has seen the UK Government, Brexit analysis papers under “strict controlled conditions.” There is an anger bubbling within the people of Scotland who see their wishes quashed, their concerns dismissed. Tension is building, meetings are taking place. The yes movement is getting into place. Time for talking, we are all in the same boat, yes and no voters. Leave and remain. As a leave voter I can only speak for myself. I am not a fan of the European Union but if it comes to a straight choice. Life in the EU or life under the Tories. Then I will go with the European Union. The Tories are a danger to every man woman and child in this country. They have no interest in the citizens. Only the ruling class, corporations and anyone who is basically not beneath them.

Time to go?