SNP-Failing the People of Scotland, they don’t abstain, or worse, vote with the Tories Jeremy!!!

Jeremy was up here in Scotland yesterday, not sure why though, it’s not as if he comes up here often. Perhaps he mistakenly thought that we were having our council elections like they are having their local elections south of the border. You never know with Labour, they are in such disarray, you don’t know if they are coming or going – oh wait, that’s just their leader here in Scotland. Kezia’s gone and we’ve got incompetent Richard in her place.

Jeremy was doing a little walk about in Midlothian, it was dull and grey; the weather that is, not the leader of the Labour party, although that is debatable. He was doing his piece to camera, telling us all how badly the Scottish National Party were doing.

He said: “Here in Midlothian, a proud mining area have seen how the Tories and the SNP are failing the people of Scotland.”

No Jeremy, the SNP are NOT failing the people of Scotland. That is just your opinion. It most certainly is not the opinion of the people here in Scotland. Now if we were to get into the dismal record of your party’s failing the people of Scotland we’d be here forever.

Jeremy went on: “After closing pits here, like so many communities across the UK, there hasn’t been investment needed. Imposed by the Tories in Westminster and assisted by the SNP in Holyrood, austerity has led to fallen wages and falling economy, more austerity won’t get the economy moving, only investment will and it’s only Labour that will invest in people.”

What an absolute brass neck. Jeremy, how many times did your party vote with the Tories in Westminster to push through Tory austerity? How many times did your party sit on its hands and abstain. You really do have a brass neck for anything. How many times did your party go into coalition with the Tories at local level. If your party had a backbone and started opposing the Tories perhaps some of the most severe cuts would have been avoided.

In all the time you were given a mandate by the people of Scotland, never once did your party put the people of Scotland first. That is why here in Scotland you were kicked into third place. The people of Scotland do not suffer fools gladly, and they do not like being taken for a ride. But.

Jeremy continues: “Labour is what’s needed in Scotland, we will introduce a real living wage, ban zero hours contracts, restore Trade Union Rights. Scotland needs Labour Council and governments here and in Westminster, so join us in fighting for a country that works for the many not the few”

Scotland gave Labour the best years of our lives and what did you do? You threw it back in our faces. You took every one of us for granted. You thought you could do and say anything you like. We trusted you but in your quest for power in Westminster saw the party infiltrated with Tory Blairites who are still calling the shots. It is a sad end to a once loved and trusted party up here.

The SNP have the trust of the people here in Scotland, that is why they have a mandate, that is why they are still ahead in the polls.

Once trust is gone Jeremy, it will never return.