The Royal Couple’s Big Warm Welcome to Scotland!

Large crowds greeted the Royal couple in Edinburgh if the mainstream media are to believe. In reality though, there were just a couple of hundred and they were alleged to be tourists.

Picture credit to owner

Sporting their Union Jacks they waited, smiles on their face as the cameras zoomed in. Well if they had zoomed out they would have captured the fact that not many Scots turned out for the special occasion. You see, we in Scotland don’t give two flying-figs about the Royals. In fact, the last big Royal occasion had the mainstream media go on a mystery tour to find at least one street party in Scotland celebrating the last Royal wedding. If my memory serves me correctly, they did find one. Somewhere in the East apparently much to Sky News’ Kay Burley’s dismay.

When the newest Royals announced their intention to tour the United Kingdom to flog their wedding I did wonder how those in their circle were going to get around the fact that, here in Scotland, we don’t actually care about them. I believed there would be some sort of trick photography from the media, but I had not thought of the genius plan of holding the meeting up at Edinburgh Castle. Yes, brilliant idea, captive audience of tourists, what a splendid day they had. Seeing our beautiful Edinburgh Castle and getting to meet the Prince and his future bride. I bet they even asked Meghan Markle about the lovely Burberry coat she was wearing. A lovely green tartan. Probably chosen to endear herself to the natives.

Oh well, until the next time. Maybe set up a garden party in the castle for the wedding, save the media falling over themselves trying to find one.