Davidson’s Latest PR Stunt!

It would seem Ms Davidson has had time to go and do a little photo-op for landmines. There she was all dressed up in the Royal Blue bomb proof vest, looking sternly into the camera. Davidson must make a choice, is she some sort of celebrity, or is she the leader of the opposition in Scotland? What exactly was she trying to achieve by this latest photo-op? She is not famous, she is not Royal, she is not Princes Diana, or indeed Prince Harry, both of whom brought to light landmines for ‘The Halo Trust’ and were in it for the right reasons. Davidson’s intentions may come across to those of us who know her, as being just another photo opportunity. Something ‘The Halo Trust’ may want to think about in the future. If I had not to write this, this morning. I would not have bothered looking into Davidson’s latest PR stunt!

If you would like to find out more about The Halo Trust and the great work they do, you can find their website here.