Oh, the weather outside is frightful…

Imagine the scene, everyone in Scotland, well not everyone, Some Universities, Colleges and Schools had already headed the amber warning and closed for the day. Well the ones in my area, and the University I attend. Although the weather in the morning wasn’t so bad. People still attempted and arrived at work. Some cannot afford to take a day off. In 2018, every spare penny is needed to keep one afloat. Therefore, you cannot blame people from travelling. Their lives and livelihood depend on it.

It is easy to blame the haulage companies but spare a thought for those who were already on the road when the red Alert was sounded. It came at lunch time Wednesday, I know because I alerted all my Uni chums who may have plans to go out that evening.

Snow arrived around an hour after the alert; coming down thick and fast, and with Police Scotland, the Met Office and Transport Scotland issuing frequent updates. The Minister for Transport Humza Yoursaf, even checked into a hotel nearby to be on hand and yet being criticised by the media at every opportunity but hey, what’s new in that?

Wednesday and Thursday saw continued coverage of those who ignored a red weather alert and became stranded overnight. With locals traipsing through the snow to bring food and water. And all the while the media were there to make sure the public watching from the comfort of their homes got to see their plight and were made aware that this was all the fault of the SNP and in particular Humza Yoursaf but (all traffic chaos is his fault anyway), so it doesn’t really matter. At no point was the finger of blame pointed at the share stupidity of those who set off during a red alert. Just to be clear, I am not laying blame at those who had already set off, I am laying blame at those who blatantly ignored the warning, set off and then sat in their cars bitching and moaning about how terrible it all was and how they had not seen a snow plough or emergency service vehicle for hours. Clue, they were all busy, you were not a priority.

Thursday, and you would have thought the world was about to end as the media went into overdrive. You’d think they were trying to brush something under the carpet, like the Continuity Bill, that was being discussed in the Scottish Parliament. But enough about that, I shall get into that later, this is about the apocalypse that was snow falling from the sky that Humza Yoursaf should have stopped. I don’t honestly know how he would have stopped it, but he should have so all the trains, planes, busses, lorries and cars, could keep going. Perhaps Humza can find a way to stop snow from falling from the sky next time so the Baloney Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) doesn’t conduct the most ridiculous interview like the one  Humza Yoursaf referred to on  twitter:

The snow brought out the best in people, like drivers who could lend a hand getting our doctors and nurses where they needed to be, and neighbours helping others. It also brought out the worse, like the wilful destruction of Lidl in Ireland, when people looted and tore down the building.

For now, the crisis seems to be over, although some trunk roads still remain impassable, cue the media all descending there to continue their assault on the Transport Minister but rest assured until June and the start of summer, be prepared for extreme weather, because it will be even more extreme in Scotland but we shall cope once again.