There is a storm brewing and it’s not a blizzard!

This week, for those of you who might not have noticed. Things were happening in the Scottish Parliament. The Scottish Government produced a Continuity bill that will, protect the powers the parliament enjoy.

These past months have seen the UK government shut out and ignore the Scottish And Welsh Governments from the Brexit debate and have blocked every amendment put forward in the EU Withdrawal Bill which when passed in the UK Parliament will see powers torn from the Scottish Parliament and placed in the Scotland office. Thus, bypassing the Scottish Parliament and indeed allowing the interference from the UK on any policy we have passed. In other words, Mundell will have the power to change any policy the Scottish Parliament has passed and thus throw the most vulnerable into even further poverty as they may have to pay the Tory bedroom tax. Mundell could also overrule on fracking etc.

The Continuity Bill brought forward by the Scottish Government will allow for the transition of powers to the Scottish Parliament that were held under EU Law. However, the Presiding Officer Ken Macintosh deemed this not to be competent, he did not believe it would be compatible with EU law when enacted. Not something his counterpart in Wales Elin Jones agreed with and one the Lord Advocate saw no problem with; in fact, the only ones who seem to find a problem with the Bill, were the Tories and the Presiding officer – make of that what you will.

In regard to newspaper coverage of the First Minister trying to undermine the UK’s Brexit talks, she is doing no such thing, she is doing the job the people of Scotland gave her a mandate to do. Protect our rights and the rights of the parliament. Despite several misgivings from Labour, Greens and the Lib Dems, the bill passed by 84 to 27, only the Tories voted against having the powers transitioned to the Scottish Parliament which comes as no surprise at all, especially when in an answer to powers being returned, Prime Minister Theresa May stated they would be returning to Edinburgh, she did not specifically say they would be returning to the Scottish Parliament. Her response was very telling as I tweeted at the time. I think you can take is as read; once the Withdrawal Bill becomes law, those powers will placed in the Scotland office.