The Most Influential Woman!

When Sky News launched their poll depicting the most influential woman in Britain they could not have conceived what would happen. With stalwarts such as Her Majesty and Thatcher in the running what could possibly go wrong?

Almost from the off things did not go quite according to plan. First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon was quick out of the traps and off and running and with Mhairi Black not too far behind. As word got out on social media we pesky Scots did our thing. We really are becoming quite nauseating according to some south of the border.  Especially as we tweeted and retweeted the poll to all their chums who voted and voted and voted. It was quite the most fun we’ve had, well since the last time there was a meltdown of unionists and royalists.  

It soon became clear to those at Sky news that Nicola was streets ahead of Betty (Queen Elizabeth). Well Queenie is getting on a bit, they even decided to keep the poll open, just to see if there was a last-minute avalanche in Betty’s favour. It wasn’t to be, in fact, those last hours only helped Mhairi  to romp home in second place.

Never mind Sky News, you got to reveal the poll findings without revealing who actually won, Kay Burley must have been devastated. Wee Queenie was beaten into third place. Still, her Majesty has been influential, perhaps not in the way royalist like to believe.