Where’s your cameras BBC, they sang…

Where indeed? In fact, where were the mainstream media? What BIG story took priority?



I don’t have the faintest idea what BIG story took priority as I have completely given up on the BBC. And indeed, STV for that matter. Both are equally as bad as one another. Is it any wonder their viewing figures are said to be falling? Not a surprise when almost half the population are insulted, daily. Those vile nats, SNP supporters, etc. It really is a disgrace, given the population are forced to hand over their hard-earned cash for a licence to watch this garbage. I must be one of the few who still fork out for a piece of paper that is a complete waste of money. Well for the likes of me as I cannot tell you the last time I watched Reporting Scotland, or Scotland Today (is it even still called that). I am not saying all of what they report is fake, I am simply fed up with unionist parties being pushed out front and centre, Davidson and whatever publicity stunt she has chosen being reported on what seems to be a loop at good ole Aunty Beeb and STV; well whatever rubbish they churn out.

Where do I go to get my news? Online, those in the independent media, or I simply research, if a news story breaks I tend to use social media to find people who are actively there, actively tweeting or posting on facebook, twitter or youtube (live). They are the real witnesses. They are on scene and do not have an agenda; they simply report what they see. Like many at the HOOP (Hands off our Parliament) event on Friday.


I arrived a few minutes late, in fact James Kelly (Scot Goes pop) was speaking, unfortunately I hadn’t managed to capture his speech on camera as it was very good, it is however to be found on independenelive.net, and Iain Russell also covered the event live. (our media) putting it out there, no 10 second delay, what was streamed live was what those there saw. The wee ginger dug arrived with owner Paul Kavanagh, stopping for photos as a small crowd encircled (the dog) not Paul. He gave a great speech, then again, Paul usually does, best quote of the day. “The dog is here for POOP (paws off our parliament). Paul’s speech in full can be found on my channel, link below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6kvQUl-rHk

Making an impromptu visit, SNP MP Tommy Sheppard, who spoke very elegantly on what he and the rest of his SNP colleagues both in Holyrood and Westminster are doing to curb the power grab. Full footage of Tommy’s speech can be viewed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQbM3vU7158&t=12s

I couldn’t stay for the full event unfortunately but caught the main part a symbolic gesture of people, some three deep, some veteran demonstrators some virgin. All smiling, happy as they explained to bewildered tourists the reason this was happening. I walked the entire building, tripod in hand, the people chanted. Hands off our Parliament. Following crowd, I walked as one by one they fell into step, joining colleagues, strangers, friends. It was spectacular, thousands, arms linked, independence supporters (mostly) but there were those who felt compelled to come. Their aim, protect a Parliament that had taken decades to have restored.


I continued the walk, half way along the narrow Edinburgh street, stewards, their yellow vests highly visible as they yelled for everyone to keep on the pavement. Cars slowed, some tooted, tourists stopped to stare. Shocked on hearing the explanation of how we in Scotland must put up with successive governments we did not vote for, how we are to be dragged out of the European Union against our will and how Scotland is treated like the abused child of rich powerful parents. Who had seen fit to take us in, even although Scotland did not vote for this union, it was thrust upon us.

The walk around the building took about fourteen minutes, the chanting and singing, “Where’s your cameras BBC.” There is a discontent among people, bubbling to an anger and no wonder. Only the unionists and only those who support unionist parties are having their needs met. Those of us in the Yes movement, or those who support the Scottish National Party are treated with contempt, insulted almost daily; that would be fine had we not to pay for the privilege . Where’s your camera’s BBC, where indeed. I am glad they stayed away, I am glad they all stayed away. For had they come, the news would not have been good. They would have found a way to spin it. Into an orbit of negativity and we’ve all had our fair share of that.

Edit: I’m told the BBC did report on it. All of 27 seconds, brilliant, if they had given more time to it, there would have been no end of negativity.