Now you see her, now you don’t!

The Prime Minister swept into Scotland last week, not that anyone in Scotland would have known. Well except for those in that factory in Ayr, or the news outlets who scrambled to get their stories. You see, the Prime Minister of the (not so) United Kingdom does not do walkabout, well not unless they are well orcastrated by her team and not outside Tory voting constituences. I could not even tell you what her message was. Possibly something along the lines of loving this country, and keeping her beloved country together. I often wonder if the Prime Minister took geography at school. I fear not because she seems to think the the UK is one great big country. Seemingly, she has asked the people of Scotland to back her on Brexit.  We can all rest easy in the knowledge that post-Brexit we will be living in the promised land. Oh no wait, that’s Israel.

I wish I would have known where in Ayr Theresa was. I am usually down that way, I could have taken my camera and gone to ask her some questions. There was a sweet moment of the visit though, when Sky News reporter, doing his piece to camera was interupted by one of Scotland’s finest, who upon stumbling into shot said: “Is Theresa May coming doon.” Best moment of the whole farce. The reporter, looking both embarrassed and bewildered. And we laughed, Prime Minister, upstaged by a native of Ayr. It would not be hard to upstatge a Prime Minister who does not appear to have any social skills whasoever, who cannot talk to the public, except in a controlled enviroment. A Prime Minister hiding away from the public giving soundbites to her supporters and reporters alike.

We are less than a year from Scotland being taken out of the European Union and there is still no plan A, B or C. What an absolue farse. Perhaps this is a front and we are not actually going to leave afterall. We will just remain in a period of transision, for enernity.