It was heartening to hear so many toots as drivers passed under the bridges that displayed our Scottish flag. It was even more heartening to hear commentary from those on the bridge of drivers, smiling and giving them the thumbs up. Although there were some that gave another gesture but hey, what’s new in that?

With each passing month the yes movement have become more and more visible, from the yes stall on Buchanan Street, to yes shops. Things are beginning to happen at long last. There is a real debate going on, on social media as to when a second referendum should be held. I favour September this year myself, or at the very least October. I have serious misgivings about holding it any later for as soon as we begin proceedings to leave the European Union, the sooner the Tories will begin proceedings to dismantle the Scottish Parliament. They will not do this overnight, this will be done subtly and with all sorts of nonsense by way of justification. And of course, we have those who are opposed to their own country having any real say in what happens will lap it up, cheer even.

I can understand those who are cautious about independence, those who do not want and even fear change. What I cannot understand is those who wilfully talk our country down, who would see it destroyed. Those I have no wish to converse with, I have no time for. I have often wondered what makes them remain in a country they loath? Why are they still here?

Go, go now, and don’t let he door hit your…well I am sure you are all familiar with the phrase. Those who hate this country have no business residing in it, good bye. For those in the movement, I shall see you on the 5th May, all under one banner; let that sink in, we are all here for the same reason, independence, let’s stop the in-fighting, it’s exhausting.