We haven’t gone away but we brought reinforcements!

Yesterday British nationalists were faced with a reality they had been denying for months. The yes movement hasn’t gone away, in fact not only has it not gone away, it has brought reinforcements.

Tony Gilmour credit

Unfortunately for me something came up last minute which prevented me from attending. However, I did watch the march as it happened on Independence live. As I said on twitter, I have never saw a march this big; not even back in 2014 at the heart of the independence campaign. It put me in mind of the saying, ‘if you build it, they will come.’ We are building this movement and it is coming together once more. The British Nationalists were caught napping yesterday. In their arrogance of dictating to the people of Scotland what we do  and do not want, and what we can and cannot have, the British Nationalist politicians  overlooked one thing. The people of Scotland do not like being dictated to, especially by an insignificant nothing like David Mundell.

The unionist politicians believed their own false narrative, that is what happens when you supress debate, when you do not cover the other side, while they were telling us there was no appetite for another referendum, while they were dictating to us. We were quietly talking to our family, our friends, our neighbours, our work colleagues who can all see what a dogs breakfast Brexit will be. And, more worrying, how democracy is being abused. Theresa May, acting more like a dictator than a Prime Minister. The last straw for those whom I have spoken to is the parliament. They can see that it is in peril. Tories are coming for it and are blatant about removing powers, they are treating the rest of the United Kingdom, that they profess to love so much with utter distain yet are upset and tweeting like spoiled children as to how unfair it all is that their plans are being spoiled. In 2014 we were to climb back into our box, close the lid and never darken Westminster’s door again. They have no clue who they are dealing with, this is Thatcher’s generation, who have well documented to their children and grandchildren exactly what the Tories, if left to their own devices are capable of. A banner from yesterday caught my eye and while I do not think there is a place for it in our movement, I will defend to the death their right to express their feelings. “Tory Scum out” of all that happened yesterday, that is what has hit a nerve with the Tories. Should they be gone from Scotland? Are they the scum of the earth? I shall leave you to decide.

If yesterday taught the unionist press, politicians and media barons anything, it is that power lies with the people, it always has and it always will.

Picture credit Tony Gilmour