“Alex Salmond should give up his show on Russian ‘Propaganda’ station RT” says Litvinenko widow!

“Alex Salmond should give up his show on Russian ‘Propaganda’ station RT” says Litvinenko widow!

Why only Alex Salmond? Why not anyone else? What is behind this ‘hit piece’ on Alex Salmond, RT and Sputnik?

“The widow of ex- Russian spy…has called on Alex Salmond to give up his television talk show on Russian channel RT.”

Why is that? Why now? Why not air her concerns six months ago when Mr Salmond launched his show?

“Marina Litvinenko, whose husband Alexander was poisoned after meeting two former KGB figures in 2006, said, the former First Minister’s decision to front a show on RT ‘can’t be excused’, she described the channel as a ‘propaganda Style Station’ Writes Sunday Herald investigative editor Paul Hutcheon.

Litvinenko comes across as liking Salmond and seems to believe he wants to do “Good things” however it is her distrust of RT that is pushing this narrative that Salmond should look for an alternative for his TV show. In the Exclusive interview by the Sunday Herald, Litvinenko states, “if he [Salmond] wants to be supported by his own people, he needs to think twice.”

That is quite a statement from Litvinenko, who are Salmond’s own people? We, in the independence movement? SNP supporters? Who? Is this really about Salmond or is it about Scotland and the Russian connection? Litvinenko goes on to mention Sputnik, which would suggest this is more a ‘hit piece’ on Russian media and their links to Scotland, something we should be aware of, given the links to Russia that are being pushed by mainstream media in the USA in regard to Trump.

Litvinenko mentions living in a democratic country and freedom of speech yet has just called on Salmond to give up his talk show because it is aired on a station she does not agree with, she tells us that RT and Sputnik are not “freedom of speech” that it’s “Propaganda style media.” Is she really suggesting that Alex Salmond is under the control of RT, seriously?

Litvinenko states: “For the Scottish people and people living in the UK, freedom of speech is important and sometimes we think watching RT or Sputnik is like to check a different opinion, again you don’t understand how easily it became to manipulate.”

I am quite sure Litvinenko did not mean to sound patronising in her statement in insinuating that those who watch RT or indeed get their news from Sputnik are easily manipulated; many scots know when they are being manipulated, you just need to look at the viewing figures of our own mainstream media. Scots have turned away from these outlets in their droves. Litvinenko talks about Russian TV brainwashing people, then so to, does British media.

Asked by the Hutcheon if she was “Disappointed by Salmond’s decision,” she said, “it can’t be excused…you [Salmond] are doing this because you believe you might do good things, in a wrong place, it doesn’t work.” And, prompted further by the Sunday Herald editor, she had a message for Salmond, “…I believe he is a people’s man, and everybody can make mistakes, but you need to think twice. It would be better to give up; but it’s his decision.”

Why are they so desperate for Salmond to ditch RT? Could it be that he is bringing a different viewpoint to people? Could this be mainstream media’s way of closing him down by continuing with their demonization?

There were two narratives to this article, two ‘hit pieces’ if you like. The first, on Alex Salmond, the second on Russian media and their trying to link this to Scotland and Scottish independence, as Litvinenko alluded to in her mention of Sputnik placing their UK headquarters in Edinburgh just after the 2014 referendum on Scottish independence. This is something we in the independence movement must look out for as we start to campaign for a second referendum. The new unionist campaign could be based on Russian interference and how bogyman Putin wants Scotland to be an independent country.