Davidson uses pregnancy to get out of answering questions from a member of the public!

Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson, when asked about a second referendum from a member of the public, stomps away mumbling something about pregnant ladies and following them around the street!

A video of the Scottish Tory leader has gone viral and for all the wrong reasons. In it the Scottish branch manager of the Conservative Party is clearly rattled at being approached by member of the public, Dean Halliday.

Mr Halliday, having stumbled upon Davidson saw it a as great opportunity to ask her some questions. He did NOT hound Davidson as you can see in the footage linked below.


With camera phone in hand, Mr Halliday sets off, intent to politely ask the questions journalists don’t seem to be able, or, permitted to ask.

In the video Mr Halliday is clearly addressing those watching: “Come on, we’ll go and ask her [Davidson] a couple of questions, that’s her there, right in front of me, we’ll see what she’s got to say about there not being an appetite for independence.”

We follow Davidson,  who is walking slowly in front with Mr Halliday walking behind, Mr Halliday then calls to her: “Ruth…can you answer me something, can you tell me how there’s not an appetite for independence in Scotland? Ninety thousand people marched through the streets of Glasgow last week. Em, we held a vigil on your parliament estate for three hundred and forty days in the name of independence.”

Ruth can be seen in the video looking back and slowing her pace to fall into step with Mr Halliday.

Mr Halliday continues: “And you say there’s no…”

Davidson seems to use the mere fact that she is pregnant as some sort of reason why she should not be pursued by the public, she says: “…following pregnant ladies around the street videoing them.”

Mr Halliday’s response: I’m not following a pregnant lady around, I’m following an MSP, a member, a public servant, asking them a question, you can’t answer that question, no?”

Davidson, having entered the nearest building, whether planned or otherwise states that over two million people voted.

In no way was Mr Halliday confrontational, he was alone and asking the questions the people of Scotland are not having answered by our mainstream media. If Davidson cannot handle questions from members of the public, and more importantly, if she is going to hide behind her pregnancy to keep the public from accessing her, then that tells you everything you need to know. This woman has survived this long in politics through publicity stunt after publicity stunt, her public profile would be non-existent without them.