Scotland is ready to take her place on the world stage…

There is no appetite in Scotland for another referendum, squeaks David Mundell; Scotland doesn’t want another referendum. Perhaps in a parallel universe this would be the case. However, if the events of the last weeks have taught anything, it is that there is very much an appetite for another referendum, even more of an appetite than there was back in 2014.

The first sign that something had changed came as the bells rang in the New Year, New Year, ‘New Start’ and all that. As the clock struck twelve on the 1st of January, there seemed to be a shift. There was an optimism, an expectancy of good things to come. Excitement and a silent cry of “this is it”. The first significant sign was back in March. The Hands off our Parliament protest at Holyrood brought some three thousand to the Capital to protest the Tory plan of seizing power. Three thousand, on a Friday; a work day.

Anger has bubbled and festers for months, the parliament, our parliament that we fought tooth and nail for, in peril, Tories, eyes full of pound signs, (the only language they know). They need their cash cow and will do anything to keep it. Hand of our Parliament was significant in that it brought together many, from all walks of life, all ages but with two things in common; anger and determination. Angry at being talked down to and determined not to let the parliament go without a fight.

And then came Glasgow, what is there to say? That was the game changer, people out in huge numbers, over ninety-thousand, all with one aim in mind; to tell Westminster that they are not in charge, they do not get to call the shots anymore. That now IS the time. That glorious day in May had everyone stop in their tracks, windows were thrown open, people waved and applauded. The media, in a frenzy as they scrambled to downplay the numbers and the Sunday Herald being seen for the unionist paper it has always been.

The Continuity Bill sickened many, the sheer arrogance of the Tory Party in imposing their will on the Scottish Parliament and indeed the people. They are taking powers whether we consent of not; another nail in the coffin of this union. And now the Growth Commission, a positive case for Scotland to be independent, of course there are those who disagree but that is what it is for. To discuss.

Perth and the tedious ‘Question Time’ a real eye opener for many, the two big guns sent up from London to dictate to the people, only that did not happen, the two returned south, having been schooled on just how angry the people of Scotland are the government we voted for being side lined and the sheer arrogance of Tory and Labour politicians in their dealings with Scotland. As was explained in no uncertain terms by a lady in the audience.

“I find it incredible that there is so little knowledge of what is going on in Scotland and the feelings that are about in Scotland; don’t judge Perth as an example because Perth is quite Tory. Scotland is quite angry in that we are being ignored in the Brexit negotiations. Our Government, our Government that we voted for is being side-lined and treated as if they are nonentities…for instance we voted two-thirds to remain in the EU and we’re being lumped together as this country Britain. We are NOT a country, we are countries and should be respected as separate individual countries with our own view…and this paper that’s come out is a consultative paper, we will be discussing whether to keep the pound and it’s a Scottish pound as well as an English pound…I get very annoyed with Tory politicians from Westminster.”

It is unclear what the Tory and Labour Party  hoped to gain by putting forward  big guns from Westminster; neither the Tory or Labour MP’s got their point across and were well and truly skelped as the saying goes in Scotland. No SNP-bad points landed, there was no telling Scotland to get back into its box; if anything, McGarvey and Souter as well as members of the audience sent them homeward, to think again. The days of Tory and Labour MP’s coming to dictate to the people of Scotland are over.

The days of the people of Scotland being looked down on are over. When we can march into a Tory heartland, such as Dumfries, much to the annoyance of local MSP Oliver Mundell. The game is up, we are big enough, strong enough and by god intelligent enough. And we are saying loud and clear; enough is enough!