Life is a rollercoaster

Life is a rollercoaster, it certainly is, especially if you live in Scotland. The EU Withdrawal Bill was never going to be easy for the Tories, (no matter how hard they try), to shaft the people of Scotland and Wales. Yet that is exactly what they have done. Somewhere between fifteen and nineteen minutes were given over to debate, or rather to listen to what the Tories had planned for Scotland. A power grab, seizing powers returning from the European Union and going straight to Westminster; powers that will cripple Scotland if allowed to remain with these cretins. Seven years we are readably informed and then they will hand them back. If you believe that, then you’d believe anything. What the Tories and their enablers, (the Labour Party) are saying is, we intend to use these powers to sell Scotland to the highest bidder, once we are through you can have them back, no hard feelings and all will be well with the world. We shall have had our Brexit, shall be sitting pretty, financial markets will be fine because the economy is just grand. And they thought they had gotten away with it, were in the chamber smirking and braying like cattle, chests puffed up, proud as punch, congratulating themselves on a job well done. Only things were being put in place, the SNP-MP’s were going to use the Westminster system against them; and they did, during Prime Minister’s Questions two weeks ago, when they knew the world would be watching. This was no stunt, this was the SNP-MP’s doing their job of making sure Scotland’s voice was heard and it was, loud and clear as SNP-MP Ian Blackford rose to his feet and standing proud, asked his first question.

“The Prime Minister gave a commitment that she would treat Scotland as part of a ‘union of equals’, yet last night she pressed ahead with a power grab in direct opposition to Scotland’s elected Parliament. The Prime Minister silenced Scotland’s voice, having broken constitutional convention and plunged Scotland into a Constitutional Crisis, will the Prime Minister now commit to bringing forward emergency legislation so that the will of the Scottish Parliament can be heard and more importantly, respected?”

The Prime Minister got to her feet to deliver. Once again complete disregard for the Scottish Parliament, and indeed, the Scottish people, making empty promises she has no intention of keeping.

“Can I just say to the Right Honourable Gentleman that we do expect that the outcome and it will happen that the outcome of the whole process of Brexit there is going to be a significant increase in Holyrood’s decision making power, it is not, it is not the case that this is in any way a power grab, we, over eighty areas of responsibility of decision making are going to flow directly to Holyrood. Only the SNP could say that getting eighty areas where they get more areas where they’ve going to take decisions was a power grab. If he wants to be concerned about the process that this house followed in relation to the legislation; the real question should be, why It was the Labour Party who manoeuvred last night, used procedural manoeuvres to ensure there was no debate about the amendments referred to on Scotland.”

The Prime Minister took her seat one more, smiling, satisfied with the answer she gave and sure that would be an end to the matter; it wasn’t, in fact, it was about to kick off. For those who believe the main stream media’s interpretation of this being a stunt, well this is how it unfolded; judge for yourselves if this was a stunt by the SNP.

“Mr Speaker I really do hope that the people of Scotland listen very carefully to what the Prime Minister said because the reality of the situation is; the powers that are enshrined under The Scotland Act in 1998 are being grabbed back by this house, it is a power grab and the MP’s from Scotland were not given the courtesy of even debating it last night. It is a democratic outrage. The people of Scotland will not be disrespected by this parliament; Mr Speaker under the circumstances, given the disrespect that’s shown I have no option but to ask that this house now sits in private.”

What ensued after was a complete farce, Bercow, the Speaker of the House clearly had no idea how to handle the situation, not used to the rules of the house being used in this way, he dismissed it out of hand. In fact, Theresa May, disregarding the rules got to her feet. She sat as Bercow addressed Blackford.

“I’m not hearing that at this time and I’m not obliged to do so is my clear understanding.”

It was clear to those watching, that Bercow dismissed this out of hand, and would have continued with Prime Minister’s Questions had Blackford not stood his ground.

“Order…order…the Right Honourable Gentleman will resume his seat, I’ll happily take advice, but I don’t think I am obliged to hear that at this time.”

Still dismissive, however he then took advice from one of the clerks seated in front of him, now Bercow’s stance changes, it seems clear that his initial decision was wrong and that he did not know the rules of the House, he continued:

“What I have to say to the Right Honourable Gentleman is, I think the standing order requires the matter to be put, if it is to be put, forthwith…order, order. It might be for the convenience of the house for the matter to be addressed at the conclusion of Prime Minister’s Questions and if the Right Honourable Gentleman had not signalled me to do this now…we could have the vote now or it could be taken at the end, if the Honourable Hentleman wishes do indicate…”

At this point, Blackford can be seen consulting with colleagues and indicates his intention to hold the vote, he said:

“I beg to move…I beg to move.”

Bercow seems to ignore this and proceeds to give reasons for it to be carried out at the end, he said:

“My view is that it is better for the votes to be conduct…order…my view is better for the vote to be conducted at the conclusion of questions to the Prime Minister…I always admit of the maximum number of votes and divisions as the Right Honourable Gentleman should know from his experience in the house but that I hope he will trust me that I know of what I speak, there can be a division and it will be at the end of this session, not now; that is the end of the matter. The Prime Minister.”

At this point Bercow lost it, having given Blackford the choice to of now or at the end, and being told he wished to hold it now, Bercow dismisses and goes into a rant.  Blackford, stands his ground and is told repeatedly to resume his seat; that he is not moving anything and at this point Bercow is once again advised by the clerk in front of him.

“The house will have heard very clearly my acceptance that there can be a vote on this matter…order…Mr Linden, I say to you and in the kindest possible spirit, don’t tell me what the procedures of this house are. I’m telling you that there can be a vote at the end of this session and not now…Mr Blackford, under the power given to me by standing order number 43 in the light of persistent and repeated refusal of the Right Honourable Gentleman to resume his seat when so instructed. I order the Right Honourable Gentleman to withdraw immediately from this house for…order…for the remainder of the days sitting.”

At this point, Bercow consults with the clerk once again, who is clearly head saying he won’t abide to which Bercow states. ‘Well we better have the vote.” However, he looks up and notices Ian Blackford and SNP colleagues walking out, he then waves a hand dismissively.

Now, just over a week on this has been deemed by the mainstream media as being orchestrated by the SNP. Yes, that is how completely stupid they are; playing it down as some sort of stunt. It was no stunt, it was the SNP-MP’s using Westminster’s rules against them. The fallout from this has been strongly felt, first by the two demonstrations, outside the Scottish Parliament and in Buchanan Street Glasgow, right next to the statue of Donald Dewar and of course by the 10,000 new members of the Scottish National Party. Life for the SNP and indeed the ‘yes’ movement has been a rollercoaster, seems that rollercoaster is getting faster and faster as we approach the ultimate decision we as a nation shall have to take.

Should Scotland be an independence country?