The police were smiling and happy the whole way through, “Thank you for helping make it a perfect, peaceful, positive day.” Was just one of the sentiments posted online as the 23rd June 2018 ended.

The tide in Scotland has changed, the union is dead, although it was never a union, you cannot have a union where one partner dominates the other and will continue to dominate if permitted to do so.

Fifteen thousand people from all walks of life came together in one of the most historic places, Bannockburn and there was only one thing on their mind – independence. With flags flying high and sun beating down they began, a slow steady pace as they made their way to the battlefield. Their route through housing estates; what a sight to behold as residents greeted them, all but a couple enthusiastically as there was offers of sunscreen for scorched faces and water for all the ‘indydugs’.

That said, not all were as eager to see a march and rally in this historic place as Stephen Kerr took to twitter and referring to the ‘Tory Scum out’ banner he said: “So this is the face of nationalism today and what my constituents are putting up with, also apparently endorsed by the @SNP and their local elected representatives.”

This is nothing of the sort Mr Kerr, this is freedom of speech, and in no way endorsed by the SNP. Perhaps Mr Kerr would like to ask himself why people are so incensed by the Tories that they would carry such a banner? Perhaps it is because of the polices that they help to push through in Westminster, policies that are having a detrimental effect on the population and have allegedly driven some to suicide.

Another tweet, this time by @ScotsTories states they were also out in force in Stirling today: “At the real Bannockburn, listening to people on our street surgery and speaking to passers by on our street stall.”

And another, this time @StirlingTories: “While Nationalists are congesting half of Stirling with their #AUOB march, the @ScottishTories were out in the real Bannockburn speaking to locals about their concerns.”

Well I do hope they asked why the Tories are quite happy to hand the powers of the Scottish Parliament back to Westminster, I hope they asked why they did not stand up for the people of Scotland during those two debates and why they are putting their Party before the people. Interestingly, there were no pictures of said constituents, perhaps they were, like Eric Hamilton @Colliedunie, out when they called and binned the residents survey they left, where was he? “#AUOBBannockburn.”

Judging by the outrageous tweets by the Scottish Tories, who were in the ‘real’ Bannockburn, Where ever the hell that is. The mere sight of fifteen thousand people marching through the estate, and up Coxehill to the battlefield to be greeted by the King of Scotland himself, looking down on them from a great height and beginning to paint a saltire in the sky as they left was too much for the Tories. However, I think the whole day was summed up nicely by Paul Kavanagh, his wee ginger dug, exhausted from all the selfies lying at his feet. “During the independence referendum campaign in two thousand and fourteen, the question asked was. Should Scotland be an independent country? I think the question now is. When should Scotland be an independent country and the answer to that is, as soon as fucking possible.”