Loch Lomond has always been dear to my heart, a place of beauty I have fond memories of visiting. The mere thought that it could be turned over to developers to make a whopping great big Theme Park fills me with, not only dread but disgust.

There has always been an issue with the South End of Loch Lomond, a need for development, but seriously do we really need another Theme Park? Or Holiday Centre? According to Flamingo land: “The West Riverside site has been earmarked for development.” When I heard of this I reached out to Flamingo Land asking if it was true and they got back to me with the following:

“We are trying to get planning consent as we speak, the development would be at the South End of Loch Lomond which is about 18 miles North West of Glasgow. We own 13 acres of ground and have exclusivity agreement on 44 acres.”

This has thrown up questions:

Who sold the land?

Was there any consultation with the public? If I am right, this land was gifted to the people, therefore why was it sold?

Who stands to make on this deal?

This is a natural beauty spot, which is in peril of being dug up for profit. I would like to delve into this deeper but alas I just do not have the time. I just wanted to make people aware of what has been going on.