Independence was taken from the people by the hand of the ELITE but it will return by the hand of the PEOPLE!

An estimated 14,000 people have marched through the streets of Inverness in support of Scottish independence; one of the LARGEST political marches held in the Scottish Highlands.

Inverness march July 2018
Scotland is on the march.


The march, the latest organised by All Under One Banner, attracted many from all walks of life, from babes in arms to the elderly, to three generations of the same family and even some on their first ever march; like Helen Jarvis who had chosen to spend her birthday marching with other independence supporters.

The march of course attracted the usual 20-25 Unionist, who stood on Bridge Street, their Union Jacks blowing in the breeze as ‘Rule Britannia’ was played, on a loop: “Rule Britannia, Britannia, rule the waves! Britons never, never, never, shall be slaves.” The lyrics seem to be quite ironic as Britons have become wage slaves, debt slaves, etc. However good ole ‘Rule Britannia’ was soon drowned out by the Yes Bikes revving as they past. And the voice of Unionists’ was drowned out by a cheery chorus of! “Cheerio, Cheerio, Cheerio” As Unionists were held back by stewards; that did not stop some from leaping in front of marchers, pushing cameras into their faces to take pictures. Not one of them taking the bait. That said, pushing cameras in the faces of marchers seems a very sinister move indeed. One wonders what they intend to do with those pictures?

The march seemed to throw up some concern however, as Clare Taylor pointed out on social media site twitter. “Street view of a pro-EU/Scottish independence/anti-Brexit rally in Inverness today! Obvious that no deal Brexit will result in a broken UK”

And this from Melissa Lacone: “In a UK full of rising fascism, the looming horror of Brexit and the worst government in modern history, I take comfort in people marching for a better Scotland up in Inverness today.”

The day was summed up beautifully by Annupnorth, also taking to twitter: “Just travelling back from #AUOB Inverness. Fantastic day. YesBikers, flags, dugs, friendly people. But FFS, why did nobody warn me how bloody emotional these marches are?”

With each march the crowd grow, the tide is/has turned, Scotland is on the march and it is marching away from a union that the majority in Scotland did not want. Independence was taken from the people by the hand of elites, but it will be returned by the hand of the people.