Attack on Free Speech

The censoring by the BBC had been covered by various pro-independence sites therefore I shall come at this from a different angle.

For the past few months the censoring of content creators on YouTube has gone from a trickle to an avalanche. News sites offering an alternative view, or indeed content such as Wings over Scotland and Peter Curren’s channels, is only the latest in a long line of censorship being meted out by Youtube.

Back in February popular radio host Richie Allen saw his whole channel removed by YouTube without warning. Allen, a professionally trained journalist used the site as an alternative platform to store interviews on topics the mainstream media refused to cover. Speaking recently, Allen stated that: “Private company Google acquired YouTube some years back for a large some of money, and in doing so, basically took over the global video posting community…it should never have been allowed…regulatory bodies or pro-competitive regulatory bodies should have said ‘We’re sorry Google, you are the biggest search engine in the world.’”

The mere fact of the largest search engine in the world taking over the largest video sharing, content creating website in the world stamped out all competition, such as Daily Motion, there it was easy to censor what is being created.

Allen went on: “Six corporations own 96% of the worlds media.” Warner, Disney and General Electric being just three. These corporations own, television, radio, magazines, video games, etc. Therefore, when qualified professional content creators put forward a fair and balanced view of the news, their channels can be deleted in the blink of an eye as YouTube operate a three-strikes policy.

Delving further into this, I found this is not just confined to the news channels. Content creators such as vloggers who are giving an opinion or holding people to account have also had their content deleted, or demonetised, if their video receives a lot of complaints. Those with ill intent and wishing to do damage to rival creators seem to be using this as a loophole to get rivals content deleted, or worse, demonetised.

With YouTube being the biggest platform, they can afford to lose a few creators whom the authorities do not want. “It was always going to come down the line,” Said Allen, “Authority became incredibly worried about the growth of an alternative media and as the independent media get more popular; starts growing, and growing and growing, they [authorities] were always going to say ‘right well, let’s see if we can put a halt to this gallop.’”

YouTube isn’t the only social media site censoring what is being said, Facebook have also been censoring citizens content, either by hiding it, or by banning people for, a period of time. The censorship of citizens if very real, freedom of speech is something we have always taken for granted in this country. And in the rest of the UK. We have steadily seen our freedom to say what we want, when we want, taken. We must be permitted to air our views, we must be permitted to hold our media to account; more importantly, we must be permitted to hold our politicians to account. If we, the people are not free to speak then we are not living in a democracy, we are living in a dictatorship.

The authorities would like nothing more than to police the internet and are using social media sites like YouTube and facebook to censor content.