Poverty and Privilege

Poverty and Privilege

“My daughter has done a documentary in the east end of Glasgow to see how her life would’ve been if she wasn’t famous and didn’t have money.” Tweeted Knicker entrepreneur Michelle Mone.


Oh boy, what could possibly go wrong?

Channel 4 are reported to have filmed a documentary in Bridgeton in which Ms Mone’s daughter Bethany saw what her life may have been like, had her mother not make millions of pounds selling knickers and bras. The announcement by Mone, who calls herself Lady Mone on twitter has sparked outrage. SNP-MP Alison Thewliss tweeted:

“Literally despicable exploitation of a kind close-knit community. No area deserves “Poverty Safari” treatment, but particularly of @Michellemone to use East End roots to pick on Bridgeton, which has seen change led by local people supported by @Clydegateway @Bridgton etc.”

It is hard to comment on what shape this documentary will take, however given that  Mone seems to hate where she came from, one has the feeling that no good will come of this and that Glasgow and Scotland will be seen in a very dim light indeed, and given Mone blocked Thewliss for her tweet as stated by Peter Grant MP: “Her Ladyship blocked Alison Thewliss for this tweet, sticking up for her constituents on the east end of Glasgow.” suggests that The SNP Member for Glasgow Central hit a nerve.

Another who wade into the argument was Social Commentator Darren McGarvey aka Loki, if anyone knows about poverty it is Darren his tweet:

“If they want to confront their feelings of privilege’, I’d be happy to have a chat with them. I know they mean well, but class experience can be so divergent that good intentions may appear extremely vulgar and patronising.”

McGarvey has a point, it may appear to be extremely vulgar and patronising, especially to the people of Bridgeton if this tweet from Susan Aktwmel is anything to go by.

“I have 3 great girls the same age as your [Mone] daughter, all brought up in Dennistoun as you were, confronting issues of privilege in a sink estate? Really? So wrong.”

It is hard to measure how this will play out as the documentary has not been shown on television yet but given this has Michelle Mone written all over it, it does not bode well. Mone does not seem to see the irony in this, she is happy for her daughter to be involved in a documentary about her roots, all the while she has a seat in the House of Lords overseeing the very laws that push people into poverty in the first place and keep them there.