14th March 2019…a good day for a referendum?

14 March 2019…good for a referendum.

 While 16,000 people, from all walks of life took to the streets of Dundee to show support for an independent Scotland yesterday, around 1,000 were at a rally in Edinburgh’s Festival Square to gather support for a peoples’ vote on the outcome of Brexit. While people carried their flags in Dundee, European Union flags were brought to Edinburgh. Quite a sight to behold.

As an ex Lib-Dem leader, a comedian and ex BBC Broadcaster took to the stage in Edinburgh, those in the yes movement were listening to inspiring speeches of how we as a people can run our own affairs. As backers of the so-called peoples’ vote called for Theresa May’s deal to be put to the electorate, a 16,000-strong crowd were marching to demand that the country in which we reside vote to take our independence.

And it all kicked off on twitter after comedian Rory Bremner tweeted:

“So you’re against the UK coming out of a union with our biggest market and closest neighbour (as decided by referendum) but in favour of Scotland coming out of a union with our biggest neighbour (as defeated in a referendum?) sort yourself out.”

What a patronising, not to mention antagonising tweet, is it any wonder his timeline was absolutely slammed by irate ‘indyfans’ as he calls us, what a charmer he is. Perhaps someone should explain to him the difference between the two unions he speaks of. Perhaps someone should inform him that one union forces governments on us, governments that we have not voted for. The second, does not!

Since 2014 Scotland had been held in contempt by Westminster for having the audacity to want self-determination. We have had to endure, English Votes for English Laws (EVIL), we have had funding from the European Union that should have come to Scotland withheld. Money that should have gone to the Crown Estate in Scotland, now going to the retail park in Cheltenham as the UK crown estate grabbed £167 million as it sold its multi-million-pound stake in fort Kinnaird retail park in Edinburgh that it was not entitled to as it devolved to Scotland. Not to mention one member of this union taking the other member to the supreme court for not bow downing to it and handing over all the assets that will keep England afloat as they Brexit the EU.

This has never been and will never be a union of equals, it was and still is a takeover, we need to get out and get out as soon a possible. Westminster has demonstrated that this union does not and never has worked for Scotland, or her people. It has provided an endless wealth upon which the elitist psychopaths run the United Kingdom.

People like Bremner, cannot see past their own nose and their own sense of entitlement. We have just to fall in behind the mighty UK because, quite frankly we always have. Well not more, the time for Scotland believing their lies is over. What if there were a people vote tomorrow? What if the people of England changed their minds and voted against the Brexit deal, is will still be their decision, not ours. What happens the next time the Tories have some hair brained scheme? What happens if they decide to ignore the EU; let’s face it, they are ignoring the findings on Human Rights abuses by the United Nations. What if they close Holyrood regardless, what if they bring us back under Tory rule, regardless of any interference from the EU. They have withheld payments that should have come to Scotland. They are out of control. We need out of this union and quickly.

We have a mandate that will run out if not used. I say for the love of God, SNP, please use the mandate given to you by the people and let’s get out of this union before we are sold, lock, stalk and barrel to big corporations whose only aim is profit. Our land will be destroyed and us with it if these psychotic cretins are given the chance. March 14th 2019 seems a great day to hold a referendum. We shall Brexit, but at least the sovereign people of Scotland would have put Westminster on notice.