Psychic Sally: I think there might be a few of our spirit friends coming to have a word. Think the Scotland leg of your tour might be in trouble.

Well it all kicked off in the Big Brother House recently when Sally Morgan, who plans to visit Scotland in March for her Kisses from Heaven Tour ranted about the Scots.

The psychic, known to her fans simply as psychic Sally got into a row with Hardeep Singh Kohli over the Scottish National Party and more importantly independence. It is hard to tell exactly what occurred as the clip shown on Channel five was edited out of context with the audience coming in half way through the argument, however there was enough for viewers, especially those in Scotland to garner what was going on.

Morgan, wrapped in a blanket, plopped herself onto the couch stating:

“They [Scots?] go on and on about it and when I go up there and I go in shops, which I do a lot, I shop a lot and I get youngsters saying to me, because I’ve got an English Accent. I’m up there giving them work and they say to me. Oh, oh we want our country back and I turn round and say, I want you to have your country back mate, have it back.”

Wow, simply, wow, and they say we are anti-English. It would seem that Morgan is anti-Scottish. Number one, she provided absolutely no evidence of this ever having taken place. That said, it is unclear if evidence was provided as the way it was edited just showed the argument. However, the mere fact Morgan referred to Scots as (they) seems to other us as a nation, diminishing our right to co exist. Another derogatory statement Morgan provided was to suggest those serving her were working for her. She was in the shop, she was a customer, not an employer. She insinuated that youngsters told her they wanted their country back just because she had an English accent; again, absolutely no evidence provided. She then went on to suggest that the English were keeping the Scots – yes that old chestnut and when Hardeep began to enlighten with facts, the programme cut to a break.

It would seem that Morgan’s rant may have cost her ticket sales in Scotland, I know housemates are supposed to be closed off to the outside world, perhaps our Scottish relatives in spirit can go and have a word with her. Tell her  we predict that she will be getting no more money from us.