Corbyn: “Scotland holds the key to a general election win!”

Tuesday saw Jeremy Corbyn come to North Lanarkshire, whose council are said to be in a coalition with the Tories, the Leader of the opposition stated that Scots held the key to a General Election win. No, we do not, and we never have. The key to a General Election win Mr Corbyn lies with middle England. It always has, and it always will. If middle England want a Tory government, middle England will have a Tory government. If they fancy having a Labour government that is exactly what they shall have, therefore please stop lying to the people of Scotland!

Corbyn visited what he believed to be a Labour strong hold in Wishaw, Pather to be exact and he was faced with a small crowd of Labour activists whom it is alleged travelled from far and wide to be there. However, the best welcome was shown outside the Indian Cottage Restaurant where a group of people stood with a welcome banner which clearly displayed their feelings as it read.

‘Red Tories Out!’

Labour in Scotland have shown time and time again that they are more interested in unseating the SNP rather than targeting those Tories the majority of Scotland despise. They have convinced themselves that it is the Scottish National Party that are to blame for their demise, they cannot seem to see the folly of their own ways. Perhaps they could start with Tony Blair and the fact that he took Labour from being the party of the working class to an inferior party of the super-rich. Again, to appeal to middle England. And in doing so turned their back on all those who had been loyal to them for all those years. At that point, all they wanted was to seize power and if that meant sacrificing Scotland, so be it.

Now, Labour are realising that the Scots will not tolerate being lied to, or more importantly, taken for granted. We do not give our loyalty to just anyone, it must be earned, Labour, in the past, were loyal to the people of Scotland. That changed when they brought in tough new policies that suggested they had turned their backs on the working class. When MP’s like Rachel Reeves said ‘She would be tougher on welfare claimants’ to ingratiated herself with the electorate south of the border, Scotland moved from Labour to the Scottish National Party.

The Labour of old is dead in Scotland and will never recover, even if they abandoned the ‘New Labour’ principles and returned to the party of the people, old Labour voters, like myself will not trust them. Seeing Labour standing shoulder to shoulder with the Tories, voting with or abstaining in the knowledge that Tory policy will hurt the very people they professed to stand up for is sicking. Therefore, no Jeremy, Scotland does not hold the key to a General Election win. All you want is the seats the SNP took from you. If you really were the party of the people, the party of the working class. You would be chasing every seat in Scotland. So please, do us all a favour and do one!