71,537 and counting: #forFairness

Feeling tired this morning? Me to. Last night saw one of the fastest crowd-funders reach its target of fifty thousand pounds in just under four hours!

Last evening Alex Salmond former First Minister and member of the Scottish National Party, informed the membership of his decision to resign from the party he has been a member of for forty-five years. In a piece to camera, Salmond stated that he truly loved the SNP and the wider independence movement in Scotland, and that they have been a confining commitment all his life.

Salmond stated: “Today, 29/8/18 I have written to the National Secretary of the Party resigning my membership… Nicola Sturgeon has made it absolutely clear that the SNP have never received a single complaint about my personal conduct in my many decades of membership and the Scottish Government have confirmed that they did not have any such complaint before this January, more than three years after I left office of First Minister.”

Salmond refutes the two complaints of harassment and he absolutely rejects any suggestion of criminality.

“I believe that all such issues must be treated seriously, confidentially and through a fair process. In this case confidentiality has been broken greatly to my detriment and in a way, which puts at serious risk the anonymity of both complainants. It urgently needs to be established who breached that duty of confidence and why”


It does indeed, there are serious questions that need to be answered. Who breached confidentiality? what was their motive? And what steps will be taken to ensure this does not happen again?

Salmond is not seeking help with his defence, he is seeking help for a Judicial Review, against the Parliament Secretary to the Scottish Government, he wishes to secure fairness to clear his name. The mere fact that he has put in place a crowd-funder to help with court costs seems to have gotten quite a few on social media upset. One wonders why, surely it is for the individual to decide whether to help financially and to make out, as Rhonda Grant, (Scottish Labour Business Manager and Women’s Spokesperson) did, that “Decent people will rightly be furious that he [Alex Salmond] is to raise money to take the Scottish Government to court. Alex Salmond is abusing his power, and dragging Scotland into the gutter.”

No Ms Grant, Alex Salmond is doing no such thing, he is simply asking for a Judicial Review, and he most certainly is not “Sending a signal to those who have made allegations that he has the upper hand.” What’s more, how dare you suggest that those contributing to the crowd-funding are not decent people, this says more about you that it does them.

The reaction of Scottish Labour MSP’s such as Jenny Marra who seems to be under the impression that Salmond is crowd-funding his defence of sexual harassment allegations, really is quite telling. He is not crowd-funding his defence, he seeks a Judicial Review, as I have stated above.  I am beginning to wonder if the leak came from someone within the Scottish Labour camp, because they seem to be on the defensive. However, as I said in my tweet. The truth will out.